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As of the beginning of 2022, authorities throughout the country can require anyone over 13 years of age to have a health pass. Even so, for different reasons, 27% of the Argentine population has not received both doses. In this sense, many have questioned the legal validity of this document.

The right Doctor Barone clarified this doubt for us.

First, he explained that although there is a mandatory vaccination law, the vaccine against Covid 19 does not appear to be involved in it. This is because there are certain requirements or procedures that a vaccine must meet to be considered mandatory. Known coronavirus vaccines do not yet meet these regulations.

Then he said that there is no constitutional character that guarantees the mandatory nature of vaccinations “since this does not constitute an affront to article 19 of the National Constitution insofar as it defends privacy and the right of private actions of men that do not offend or harm to third parties. But this does not mean the mandatory nature. You cannot force someone to get vaccinated. That would be unconstitutional “

Taking these factors into account, Barone concluded: “You could not force someone to get vaccinated, this does not mean the impossibility of establishing limitations based on not having complied with that obligation”

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