Teachers will be able to file a case in the High Court only after crossing the barrier of Jharkhand Education Tribunal, only after the decision of the Tribunal, the High Court will be able to go | Teachers will be able to file a case in the High Court only after crossing the barrier of Jharkhand Education Tribunal, only after the decision of the Tribunal, the High Court will be able to go

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  • Teachers Will Be Able To File A Case In The High Court Only After Crossing The Barrier Of Jharkhand Education Tribunal, Only After The Decision Of The Tribunal, The High Court Will Be Able To Go

Ranchi2 hours agoWriters: Vinay Chaturvedi

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  • Complaints of government teachers will be heard in the first tribunal, about 3500 cases are still pending in the court
  • The government wants the teachers to take the help of the tribunal, do not fall into the court

State government teachers will no longer be able to directly go to the High Court. The barrier of Jharkhand Education Tribunal will stand in the way of the High Court. This barrier has to be crossed before going to court. They have to file their complaint here first. The hearing will start on that. If the decision comes in favor of the teachers, then the department will implement it. If the teachers are dissatisfied with the decision of the Tribunal, then they can approach the High Court. There is no such provision in the Education Tribunal so far, but the Education Department wants to add this provision. Therefore, the Department of School Education and Literacy is making changes in the rules of the Education Tribunal. The department is naming it to further strengthen the tribunal.

In fact, be it the Directorate or the Department, in most of the working day, the officers of the Education Department are always engaged in preparing the written answer to be given during the trial and hearing. Every day the officers have to be present physically in the High Court. According to an information, about three and a half thousand cases are pending at present. To reduce the burden of the case, the department not only takes the cooperation of the teachers who have done LLB, but has also engaged many other officers for this work only.

A team of advocates is also continuously engaged in this work. There is a similar shortage of officers in the department. Now with most of it being diverted, there is an impact on other functions of the department.

Dozens of cases of contempt are also pending
Apart from various cases of teachers, dozens of contempt cases are also pending in the education department. The teachers say that they approach the court after getting upset with the attitude of the departmental officers, while the departmental officers tell the teachers to go to the court on every small matter. In such a situation, now changes are being made in the rules of Education Tribunal, so that teachers first take recourse to the tribunal, then they approach the court.

Education tribunal has no chairman yet
Presently there is no Chairman in Jharkhand Education Tribunal. Outgoing President K. Vidyasagar’s three-year term ended last month. Apart from the chairman, the posts of many other employees are vacant here.

Education Secretary said – Work is being done to further strengthen the Education Tribunal

Education Secretary Rajesh Kumar Sharma has said that the department is working on further strengthening the Education Tribunal. Want to give this power to the Education Tribunal that if any teacher is not happy with the decision of the department, then he should first put his point in the Education Tribunal, its decision should be there. If even after that decision the teachers are not happy, then they can approach the court further.

Teacher unions protest, said, there is a new fund of governance to suppress the rights of teachers

General Secretary of Secondary Teachers Association Ravindra Prasad Singh said that all this is a fund of the government to suppress the rights of teachers. If all the work of the teachers should be done at the same time, then why should they go to the cart. Now see, teachers have not been promoted in the new state. Selection pay scale was found in only three districts. What should the teacher do now, where should I go? Naseem Ahmed, the chief spokesperson of the Primary Teachers Association, said that the department is looking for another way to harass the teachers.

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