The cause of the helicopter crash that killed the Chief of General Staff of India has been identified

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The cause of the helicopter crash that killed General Bipin Rawat, Chief of Staff of the Indian Ministry of Defense, has been determined.

It is reported by Haber Global.

According to the report, bad weather caused the crash of a military helicopter, which killed 13 people, including the Chief of General Staff.

Preliminary results released by the Indian Military Court state that the helicopter crashed on December 8, 2021 due to an unexpected weather change that caused the pilot to change course. It is noted that the unexpected weather change forced the pilot to turn towards the clouds: “This caused the pilot to deviate from the air, and therefore the helicopter crashed during a manned flight.”

A Russian-made Mi-17V5 helicopter, including Chief of General Staff of the Indian Ministry of Defense Bipin Rawat, crashed on December 8, 2021. The wife of the chief of staff and 11 other servicemen were killed in a helicopter crash.

The staff of the Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Defense was established in December 2019. He coordinates the activities of the Indian Army, Air Force and Navy. It also coordinates the acquisition of defense technology and equipment. General Bipin Rawat was the first person to be appointed to this post.

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