If you want to cut onions without crying, try a few recipes to make it easier to cut onions

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It is necessary to use onion for cooking and how can it be that tears do not come due to cutting onion.

But now it is possible because today we are going to tell you some of the ways in which you can cut onions without tears but how? Let’s know

The best way to cut onions without tears

Freeze the onions

If you want to chop an onion for salad or grind it for use in a curry, peel the onion and place it in the freezer for ten to fifteen minutes, this way the onion will freeze and when it is chopped It will not release the gas that causes tears.

Soak the onion in cold water

Peel an onion and soak it in cold water with deep freezer.
There will be no tears in the eyes while cutting.

Use a sharp knife

If you cut an onion with a sharp knife, it will also reduce the gas that causes tears and will make your job easier, or you can use the sharp onion cutting tools available in the market nowadays. can.


One way to avoid tears when cutting onions is to peel the onions and microwave them for two to three minutes. Can also be easily used for frying in oil.

Squeeze double bread in the mouth

It may sound weird to you, but this is the best tip. Whenever you cut an onion, press the double loaf into your front teeth in such a way that part of the double loaf is hanging out of your mouth. The sponge will absorb the gas emitted from the onion and you will not shed tears.

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