The Prime Minister launched the first public version of the National Security Policy

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After the launch of the public version of the National Security Policy by Prime Minister Imran Khan, the main points of the policy came to the fore. It has been decided to respond.

Addressing the launching ceremony of the public version of the first National Security Policy, Prime Minister Omar Khan said that National Security Policy was the top priority of our government. Dependence on the security of citizens lies in the fact that any national security policy should include national harmony and the well-being of the people, while guaranteeing fundamental rights and social justice without discrimination.

The Prime Minister said that in order to harness the vast potential of its citizens, it is important to promote good governance based on services. The National Security Committee will regularly review its progress. Our Armed Forces are our pride in the region. They will continue to be of great importance and support to us in the face of growing threats and challenges to hybrid war. The main objective of our foreign policy will be peace and stability in the region and beyond. There will be more focus.

Addressing the event, National Security Adviser Dr. Moeed Yousaf said that the National Security Policy has been formulated in the broader context of traditional and non-traditional issues affecting our security. The document focuses on the geopolitical aspects in which Pakistan’s security and stability in the world are prominent features. This document has been finalized after full civil-military consensus.

Pakistan’s first national security policy, issued by the government, makes it clear that there is a possibility of the enemy using force as a policy option at any time, in which case, if war is imposed, the defense of the motherland Therefore, a complete answer will be given with all the elements of national power.

The new security policy covers all aspects including foreign affairs, internal affairs, economy, trade, education and has made it clear that Pakistan’s geographical borders will be protected at all costs and in all circumstances and will respond to any aggression. The focus will be on low-cost, self-reliant advanced defense technology.

The National Security Policy will also strengthen the traditional capabilities to further strengthen the Armed Forces, including defense production, centralization of communication networks, battlefield awareness, and electronic warfare defense capabilities.

The policy calls for maintaining a minimum nuclear capability without engaging in an arms race for national defense, maintaining Pakistan’s nuclear capability as key to regional peace and stability, and maintaining paramilitary forces for internal peace and order. The focus will be on training, innovation, and need for law enforcement agencies, while improving and monitoring the aviation security protocol to ensure air, maritime and coastal security.

Similarly, long lasting, strong aerial surveillance, asset network, communications system, command and control system will be expanded, maritime trade security and anti-piracy, the navy will be further strengthened to eliminate crime and threats. The focus will be on outstanding issues, border issues, especially the Line of Control, Working Boundary.

Installation of fences on the western border for the complete eradication of terrorism will focus on the development of the tribal districts while expanding and consolidating space science and technology to deal with future challenges while providing false and misleading information. External operations will be challenged at every level to be effective.

The National Security Policy will prioritize information, cyber and data security while enhancing surveillance capabilities, ensuring confidentiality of government affairs and security of citizens’ data.

Effective integration with the international technology system will fully protect national interests, the security policy points out, guaranteeing an authentic, strong and reliable defense capability against economic security threats.

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