The government has been raising the prices of petroleum products for the last three months, Saeed Ghani said

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Sindh Information Minister Saeed Ghani while addressing a press conference said that people of Karachi are losing their jobs.

He said that Pervez Khattak was more honorable than the MQM members who spoke when there was no gas in his province. These so-called contractors of Karachi did not feel ashamed of MQM saying that there was no gas in Karachi.

Saeed Ghani said that the sugar and petrol crisis was created by this government, NEPRA increased the electricity bills in January that electricity is being generated from oil which is costly. Your crops are being destroyed and wheat crop is being affected. This means that the flour crisis will arise again.

He said that there was corruption in LNG and gas crisis was in front of everyone. Why is the public being punished for not ordering LNG in time? Here the people are being punished for the incompetence and incompetence of the government, the prices of medicines are also increasing and there is a gas crisis in the country. Industries are not getting gas.

The provincial information minister said that when NEPRA approved the increase in electricity prices, two members disagreed. Farmers across the country are not getting fertilizer. The parties talking about the rights of the people are silent, not a single word has come out of their mouths on the crisis of electricity, gas, urea, sugar, wheat.

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