Indonesia: Woman sentenced to 100 lashes for having extramarital affairs

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In Indonesia, a woman was sentenced to 100 lashes for confessing to having an extramarital affair, while her male partner was flogged only 15 times.

The incident took place on Thursday in Indonesia’s conservative province of Aceh. This punishment was given according to the Islamic Sharia legal system under which men and women who have an extramarital affair are publicly flogged.

The public flogging was witnessed by many on Thursday and many people gathered there to film it.

According to the French news agency AFP, the woman had to stop flogging for a while because she could not bear the pain.

Ivan Najjar Alvi, head of the General Investigation Division at the West Aceh Prosecutor’s Office, told AFP that the court had sentenced the woman to life in prison because she was married and had failed to identify a male partner in front of investigators. He had confessed to establishing a marital relationship.

He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture, and that his confession had been obtained through torture. He was also reportedly married.

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Alvi told the news agency after the couple’s public sentencing: “During the trial, he (male partner) denied all the allegations and did not admit anything. Thus, the judges could not convict him.

After the two were spotted together by locals in a coconut grove in 2018, judges convicted the married man of showing love to his female partner (who was not his wife).

The married man was sentenced to 30 lashes. But he appealed to the province’s Sharia court, which reduced his sentence to 15 lashes.

The same day, another man was flogged 100 times for having sex with a minor, according to the Associated Press.

The man was also sentenced to 75 months in prison for the crime.

Human rights groups have publicly spoken out against the whipping.

Amnesty International says flogging is a “cruel and inhumane” act.

The international agency last year called for an immediate ban on whipping in the country.

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