Young people who opened the first Patient and Elderly Center in Ethiopia

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Dr. Zion, who says it is difficult and frustrating to be educated in medicine, says she used to do home visits before the Covenant 19 outbreak. But she says the pressure on families to care for patients, the lack of care for their patients, and CV 19 have prompted her and her partner, Dr. Nathaniel Hailu, to open a center.

Three months ago, Grace opened a Grass Care Center for 15 to 20 people with five nurses and a nursing home. Dr. Atakulti, who introduced the family member to the center, said he was pleased with Raki’s service at the center and was even more pleased that the center was staffed by professionals and linked to other medical centers.

Hanna Tesfamichael says her mother is alone after she fell ill and started living at home. In particular, they say that the fact that he is a student and a worker does not make it possible for him to support his mother to the fullest extent possible.

Dr. Zion Solomon, Founder of the Center Partner: Our main goal is to meet the needs of the elderly and the sick individually; She says they want to stay home and not feel overwhelmed.


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