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In the third wave, more delta variants than Omicron are wreaking havoc, know the figures here

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Maharashtra Corona News:At present, there has been a decrease in the cases of corona in Mumbai. At the same time, in the third wave, the new form of Corona, Omicron, remains a matter of concern. But the health official of Maharashtra says that even now the maximum number of cases are being registered in the state of Delta variant. A senior health department official said that genome sequencing of patients’ samples has shown that people are still getting infected most of the Delta.

Dr. Pradeep Vyas, Additional Chief Secretary, Health Department, in a letter to his colleagues on Wednesday, said that more than 4200 samples were tested, out of which 68 percent were found to be infected with delta variants while 32 percent patients were found infected with Omicron. , Let us tell you that the reason for the second wave in the country last year was the delta variant and during that time it caused huge destruction.

The Omicron form was first detected in South Africa in November 2021 and started spreading in India from the first week of December. As of Friday night, 1,605 cases of Omicron had been confirmed in Maharashtra, while 71,24,278 people have been infected with Kovid-19 in the state so far.

Dr. Vyas wrote in the letter, “Since November 1 last year, samples of 4,265 patients have been sent for genome sequencing. Out of these, reports of 4,201 samples have been issued. This shows that 1,367 samples or 32 percent of the samples were taken. Omicron variant, while the remaining 68 percent of the samples were found to have a delta variant.

Corona cases in the state

On Friday, 43,211 new cases of corona have been reported in Maharashtra. At the same time, 33,356 people have also been cured of corona in the last 24 hours, while 19 people have also died during this period. The active cases in the state are 2,61,658. Today, 238 patients of Omicron infection have been reported in the state. Total 1605 in Maharashtra so far Omicron Cases have come to the fore. At the same time, 11,317 fresh Kovid-19 cases have been reported in Mumbai on Friday and during this nine people have also died due to corona. Of these, 84 per cent patients were asymptomatic.

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