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Collaboration between Among Us and Scream

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Collaboration between Among Us and Scream: Game studio Innersloth has teamed together with Paramount Studios to bring the Scream horror series into the game of social deduction that is a massive success Among Us.

This latest extensive collaboration comes just months after Innersloth’s initial big-time partnership with Riot Games to bring Arcane cosmetics to Among Us.

The new partnership means to mark the release of the forthcoming Scream film.

Paramount has released a brand new video. In which actors Jack Quaid and Mason Gooding perform Among Us with several YouTubers. Including Chilled Chaos 5Up NoahJ456, Tina Kitten, and Kara Corvus.

The video’s end indicates that a new Ghostface cosmetic is coming to the game “soon.”

Collaboration between Among Us and Scream

The Scream franchise is a collection of slasher films in which principal characters hunted by an unidentified killer.

The films all have the whodunit aspect that has the protagonists trying to determine. Who the murderer (or the killers) are in the group.

This is what makes Among Us the perfect game for the actors from the film to enjoy to celebrate the 5th mainline installment in the franchise film.

This isn’t the only time the famous Ghostface costume has made its way in other gaming. Before A murder with Ghostface’s Ghostface outfit is an example of villains featured in Dead by Daylight.

Ghostface also introduces Call of Duty in Warzone and Black Ops Cold War.

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