Hareem Shah’s video: ‘Who gave him so much money in Pakistan?’

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In an explanatory statement, Hareem Shah called his video a “joke”. (File photo: Hareem Shah / Facebook)



Pakistan’s famous ticker Hareem Shah on Wednesday posted a video on the video sharing app ‘Snack Video’ in which she had dolls of British currency in front of her and she was also complaining that Pakistani rupee and passport were not ‘valid’. ۔
Hareem Shah, carrying a pound in her hand, said that this was the first time she was coming to Britain from Pakistan with such a ‘heavy amount’.
In his video, he conveyed the message to the people: “I will be careful when I bring the amount because they will catch you. Nobody said anything to me, you know and you can’t say anything.”
“I came in a very easy way.”
After the video went viral on social media, not only did Hareem Shah come under fire but users also pointed fingers at the Pakistani system.
Pakistani journalist Talat Hussain wrote in a tweet:This video is enough for those who give mindless lectures on leadership, intelligence, diplomacy, etc. to the world. This is the true meaning of burning up of bad psychic imprints. “
Other users are also raising questions on this video. A user named Chingizi wrote, “Who gave him so much money in Pakistan? Why didn’t the British see that much cash? ‘
A user named Amalqa Haider wrote that ‘FATF meeting is to be held on April 2022 and taking money illegally by Hareem Shah is called money laundering and this must be taken into consideration in FATF meeting. Will
After the video went viral, Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) announced an investigation into money laundering against Hareem Shah and in a statement the agency said it had written a letter to the UK’s National Crime Agency. Will go
It is not yet known how much money Hareem Shah took from Pakistan to the UK, but according to Pakistani law, no traveler can take more than ڈالر 10,000 out of Pakistan during the journey.
It is not clear whether he was bothered by criticism or fear of investigation, but Hareem Shah deleted his video from the snack video a few hours later and issued an explanation.
In his explanation, Hareem Shah said that he was being ‘accused’ of money laundering.
“She just made a video as a joke and she came to my brother’s office and there was an amount lying there. I made that video with her permission and the amount was not illegal.”
Despite Hareem Shah’s explanation, the FIA ​​said that the investigation in this regard would continue and the matter would be brought to a logical conclusion.


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