How to Create E Shramik Card – E Shramik Registration 2022

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How to Create E Shramik Card: Friends, in today’s article we are going to see how to make e shramik card As we all know that online registration is required for the card issued by UAN e Shram. The Government of India has announced the launch of a new web portal named e-shram NDUW, which collects data on labourers, migrants, gig-workers, platform workers, traders, street vendors, farmers and domestic workers.

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how to make e shramik card?

It is possible to apply for UAN e Shram Card by completing the registration process at After applying, the officials will check your application and after the completion of the investigation, your e-shramik card will be handed over to you. Now the question must have come in your mind that how does E-Shram Card look like, but what is it? All workers are given a government scheme card which is universal. UAN, or Universal Account Number, is on this e-shramik card, with this single card you can take advantage of thousands of government schemes.

The Government of India aggregates information about workers in the unorganized sector by aggregating databases of all workers, including construction workers, migrant workers, street vendors, domestic workers, agricultural workers, and others. Some such people cannot take advantage of any scheme.

E Shramik Card

According to government plans, 30 crore more workers will be added in the next few years. Under this scheme, the government will issue e-shram card after complete registration. Any laborer will directly benefit from the schemes and the government will also take different steps based on the information gathered by them.

An e-shram card comes from the Ministry of Labor and Employment and is called Unique Identification Number card. PM Narendra Modi started this scheme for the workers and laborers of the unorganized sector. The workers and laborers welfare is the primary objective of this program. Recently, the Ministry of Labor and Employment collected information about unrecognized workers and workers across the country. By downloading the e-shram card, you can use the UAN card for life.

e labor Portal

Workers in the unorganized sector constitute 38 crores of the workforce. Construction workers, ready-trackers, small vendors, agricultural workers, domestic workers, women, beedi workers, truck drivers, fishermen, milk vendors, ASHA and Anganwadi workers, MGNREGA workers, and many others have been severely depleted. This national level portal (e-SHRAM portal) has been created to protect crores of unorganized workers who play a vital role in the country’s economy and envision a healthier and more secure future for themselves.

There is a new welfare program in India, which is known as e-Shram Portal, for the welfare of the workers of the unorganized sector. Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the e-shram portal. In order to track and collect all the information and data on the workers of the unorganized sector, the Ministry of Labor and Employment of India has launched the e Shramik Portal.

With the collected data, new schemes will be developed, policy changes will be made, more employment opportunities will be created for the workers in the unorganized sector. Whoever applies for the Eshram portal will receive a Unique Identification Number (UAN) card. CSC Seva Kendra is an option for the candidates who want to register on e-Shram. E-Shramik Card allows candidates to self-register by linking mobile phone with their Aadhar card.

how to make e labor card from mobile

The Ministry of Labor and Employment is keeping an eye on all the unorganized workers. This is now being accomplished through the NDUW Shramik Card Scheme. Government of India will provide labor card to all the workers. They will get the benefit by registering their e-shram card on One can get the written toll-free NDUW E Shram Card UAN number on the official website of e Shram. Applicants will be covered by accident insurance coverage under PMSBY and also e-shram card will be accepted across India.

web portal name E Shram Portal for NDUW
launched by Government of India
article category E Shram Card Registration
Beneficiaries Unorganized workers
Objectives National Database of Unorganized Workers
e shram card download mode Online
Total Registered Workers 37,00,914 count so far
Eshram Helpline Toll-Free Number 14434 (Monday to Saturday between 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM)
official web portal

UAN-E Shramik Card के लिए Registration document List

The number of unorganized workforce in India is about 30 crores. Not many of the people are shoe polishers, beedi workers, construction workers, farmers, milkmen and street vendors. The following documents must be original and contain all correct details.

  • Name
  • Work
  • permanent address
  • candidate’s qualification
  • skills and experience
  • Family Details
  • identifier for aadhar
  • Requires a valid Aadhar card and mobile number
  • any bank number
  • IFSC code
  • Aadhar Card

Benefits of Ishram Card

CSC NDUW Shramik Cardholders can easily avail CSC UAN e Shramik Card. Here are some of the benefits of signing up for the e Shram portal. Many schemes of the federal government and state governments can provide these benefits, now that it is a UAN e-shram card, all the information collected will be with the government, which will help them to find out which employee at any time or How much profit is being used on overtime?

  • PMSBY provides accident insurance coverage of 2 lakhs to the employee.
  • Unorganized workers will be eligible for all Social Security benefits.
  • Labor card holders get full assistance in situations of emergency and national pandemic.

Apart from all these benefits, UAN also entitles the labor card holder to all social security schemes launched by the state and central governments. This is mainly to create a database for the unorganized workers of the country to provide social security assistance directly through eshram cardholders in pandemic or similar incidents.

Process of Registration for E-Shram Card

It is clear that the UAN e-shram card will be made available to the people of the unorganized sector. Also, registration information for e-shram card on If any applicant does not fulfill the eligibility requirements then the registration will be canceled or rejected. You can do this by following these steps:

  • Please visit to open the official web portal.
  • Registration can be accessed by clicking on the link.
  • As soon as you click on the link a new window will open.
  • Now, you will see a new page with some information that you need to enter.
  • Please fill the registration form correctly.
  • If you receive an OTP, wait until it appears on your mobile device.
  • After that continue the registration.
  • The message that the application has been successfully submitted should be saved.

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