Why do we forget? The reason has come to light

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As the days go by we have innumerable memories in our minds but we forget most of them, but why?

The claim was made in a medical study in Ireland, the results of which were published in the medical journal Nature Reviews Neurosciences.

Research from Trinity College found that changes in our ability to access specific memories are caused by factors such as environmental feedback and predictability.

According to research, forgetfulness can be an active feature of the brain that enables it to connect with the environment.

Also, forgetting some memories can be helpful for more flexible attitudes and better decision making as forgetting memories that are not connected to the environment is a positive sign for our personality.

Researchers believe that this is how we learn to forget certain memories and remember important things.

“Memories are stored in neurons called Ingram cells, and the process of remembering them involves the activation of these neurons,” he said.

According to researchers, we believe that forgetting is the result of circuit remodeling that makes accessible Ingram cells inaccessible so that we can only access memories that are relevant to the current environment.

Earlier, a study published in the medical journal Neuron in 2017 stated that forgetting old memories and creating new ones has evolutionary benefits. For example, it helps people adapt to new situations. ۔

Researchers say that if you keep going to different areas and your brain keeps coming up with conflicting memories, it will be very difficult to make a timely decision.

In this regard, the brain helps to forget various things but remembers the important things which helps in understanding the past experiences and makes it possible to apply them better in the present situation.

He said that over-indulgence can be worrisome but sometimes forgetfulness is a sign of good intelligence which shows that your memory system is working in a healthy and correct way.

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