What is an IP address, its types and how to know your IP address

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What is IP Address in Hindi: Friends, do you also use a smartphone, if yes, then you What is an IP address and how to find it Must have heard about. If you have just heard about IP address and you want to get all its important information, then this post is going to be very helpful for you.

Because in today’s article you will get all the information related to IP address. That’s why you stay with this IP address in Hindi till the end.

IP address is considered as one of the most important feature of any device which works as communication between devices in the network and with the help of this we can connect one device with other device. and can transfer data. Internet IP address is important in accessing. Read the article till the end to get complete information about IP address.

So let’s go without wasting time what is ip address and how to know your ip in hindi know about it.

What is IP Address (What is IP Address in Hindi)

As we know that in today’s Internet era, there are many such elements, with the help of which transfer from one place to another. Data can be transferred. One of these Internet elements is also an IP address.

Different devices have different IP addresses, such as for example, if any Computer Be it a smartphone or a smartphone, each of these devices has a different IP address. IP address gives a unique identity to all the devices on the Internet. An IP address is a unique name, meaning that no two devices can have the same IP address.

If you want to connect a device to a network with another device, then you should know that the most important role in this is the IP address.

because when you’re on the internet browser If I search anything router It is able to deliver data to your device only through IP address. So we can say that you can connect network from one device to another without IP address.

Full Name of IP Address (IP Address Full Form in Hindi)

The full form of IP Address is Internet Protocol.

Version of IP Address

Let us know how many version / s of ip are there. Talking about the version of the IP address, it has two versions.

  • IPv4 (IP v4)
  • IPv6 (IP v6)

So let’s know what is the difference between IPv4 and IPv6

1. What is IPv4

IPv4 The first version of the IP address was created in 1983. Talking about IPv4, it is 32 bits, it is divided into four parts with the help of decimal, and each part of it is full 8 bits. In this, each range is between 0 to 255.

IPv4 is the most common IP version, which has been running since the beginning of the Internet, however, this type of version cannot create unlimited IP addresses. IPv4 address We have to do something like this Kind of looks like.

2. What is IPv6

As in today’s time we can see that how much internet is being used here as compared to before and that is the reason why we started needing new version of IP address, and to meet our needs. For this the IPv6 version has been started.

In this version, we also get the facility to create unlimited IP addresses. It is considered one of the advanced IP addresses. Talking about its bit, it has 128 bits. It is divided into 8 parts through colon. This IP address looks like this. 2405:4705:3c03:30fb:154b:90a3:75f4:2db9.

How many types of IP address are there (Types of IP Address in Hindi)

If we discuss about the types of IP address, then there are mainly four types of it.

  • private ip address,
  • public ip address,
  • static ip address,
  • Dynamic IP Address.

So let us understand what is the difference between these four types.

1. Private IP Address

this type of ip address Network Router is assigned to your device. Each device within the network is assigned a different IP address. And in this way all the devices inside the private network communicate with each other.

2. Public IP Address

When the IP address is assigned to our network router through our Internet Service Provider, then we call it Public IP Address.

Every device also has a private IP address, but, when we try to connect it to the Internet, it connects through the public IP address of our router. This is the reason why his private IP address has to be hidden. This means that only the public IP address of our router is visible on the other side.

3. Static IP Address

Static IP address is a type of IP address that is created manually in a computer network. As the name suggests, this IP address never changes.

4. Dynamics IP Address

A dynamic IP address is a type of IP address that changes from time to time. Not only this, it is an IP address that keeps on being assigned to itself. Any time you use the public Internet, you are assigned a dynamic IP address. Which is valid only for a short time.

Actually Static and Dynamics IP Addresses also come under Public IP Address..

how to find out your ip address

Do you want to know what is my IP address? IP There are many ways to find the address, we have told you 2 ways by which you can find the IP address.

1 – Via Command Prompt

  • first you Windows Search has to be done by typing cmd in the search bar. And the Command Prompt has to be opened in Run as administrator mode.
  • after that you ipconfig Enter by typing.
  • After this, the IP address of your device will be shown in front of you, which will be in front of IPv4.
  • This is how you can get the IP address.

2 – Through the browser

  • For this, first you have to come to your browser.
  • And search by typing My IP address.
  • Now you will see your IP address in the beginning itself.
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IP address usage

Following are some of the major uses of IP address –

  • IP Address is used to access the Internet.
  • IP address is used to transfer files from one device to another in the Internet.
  • Many devices in the network are connected to each other through IP addresses.

IP Address FAQ

How many types of IP addresses are there?

There are mainly two types of IP address – Private IP address and Public IP address.

How many parts does an IP address have?

There are four parts in IPv4 and 8 parts in IPv6. In IPv4 each part is divided by a decimal whereas in IPv6 each part is divided by a colon.

How to find out your IP address?

You Google You can easily find the IP address of any device by searching by typing My IP Address in it.

What is the IP address of my phone?

If you want to find the IP address of your phone, you have to go to your mobile phone Settings > About device > Status. Now you will see the IP address of the mobile or tablet. That is your IP address.

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