How To Increase Likes On Facebook 2022 (100% Working Tips)

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If you want to know how to increase likes on Facebook, then you have come to read this post. i you today Facebook par like kaise badhaye I will tell about this in detail, that too not in one way but in three ways. So whichever method you like best, you can use it to increase Facebook Likes.

How do you feel when someone praises you? You will say that this is also a matter to ask someone, it is obvious that everyone likes it. So it is the same with Facebook likes.

If you post something on Facebook and the likes don’t come, then the heart breaks isn’t it?? You are not alone, this happens to everyone. Everyone gathers impression in front of friends, on the other hand, if FB likes do not increase, then all impression and style gets mixed in the dust.

I am sharing the best FB likes tips with you in your concern so that your heart does not break again and again. So that you will not have to search again, how to increase likes on Facebook.

If you want Instagram par follower badhana then you can easily increase Instagram follower through this post.

So let’s know now after all like kaise badhaye on Facebook.

How To Increase Likes On Facebook From Mobile (FB Par Like Kaise Badhaye Bina App Ke)

This method is completely natural, in this we will not use any kind of app and website.

For this, first login to Facebook account. To login, you have to log in by entering your phone number or email id and password. You can use Facebook App or Chrome browser for this.

If you do not have a Facebook account, then you can create your Facebook account by reading this post on how to create an account on Facebook.

Tag your friends to increase FB like

This natural method is the most effective to increase Facebook likes. You have to tag your friends while posting photos, videos. Due to which your post will appear in their Timeline. The best thing is that the friends of the friend you tag will also see that post.

Due to which the chances of increasing Facebook likes on your post will increase greatly. Because whatever post you do, the notification of it will go to your friend. In this way engagement with likes on your post will also increase.

Bonus Point:- Do tag such friends who have more followers. Because having more followers, your post will reach more people. Due to which there will be chances of getting more Facebook Likes.

Keep Timing in mind to increase Facebook Likes

As soon as we open Facebook, we see all the recent posts. Due to which more people engage on that post. So all you have to do is post at a time when most people are online on Facebook. Because the more people your post reaches, the more your chances of getting more likes will increase.

The best timing for sharing a post on Facebook is 2 pm to 3 pm and 6 pm to 7 pm. Because at this time most people are free from their work. Lunch time in the afternoon and then those who go to office in the evening also become free.

Post Regular to Increase FB Likes

This method is also very effective to increase likes on Facebook. When you keep posting something new daily. Then your likes and followers grow rapidly. Because there are many posts on your account and the same posts appear in someone’s feed every day. Due to which likes on your old posts also start increasing. And by increasing engagement, your account is recommended to more people.

So you keep posting regularly in best timing. Then see how quickly the likes on your Facebook account increase.

Use Social Media Management Tool to Get Facebook Likes

As I told you above, post regularly in best timing. Now you are always free at that time, it is not possible. So for this you can use Social Media Management Tool.

With the help of which you can schedule your post. Due to this, your post will be posted automatically every day at the timing set by you. You can do this work on Sunday or whenever you are free. There are many Social Media Management Tools available on the Internet, I have mentioned the names of two below.

There are many more tools but these are the best. You can also use it for free. By taking their free plan.

Create Attractive Bio for Facebook Likes Badhane

You can also increase FB likes by writing your Bio in a good and attractive way. If you are not sure then try it. Because when someone likes something, he definitely likes it. You will remember whoever likes your bio. And he will definitely like the photo, video posted by you. Because it has often been seen that writing a good bio gives 30-40% more likes.

Join Facebook Groups Like SR Family to Increase Facebook Likes

On Facebook you will find many such groups which will help you a lot in increasing FB likes. Out of these groups, SR Family is very popular, which currently has 137K members. You can increase likes on your photos, videos by posting in this group. But here you have to like the posts of others as well. Because that’s how these groups work. They will like your post and you will like theirs.

You have to find such people here too who have more followers. So that you can get good FB Likes by tagging them.

So these were some ways to increase Facebook likes naturally. I hope you have understood well Facebook par like kaise badhye without any APP. Now know how you can increase FB likes with the help of the app.

Facebook Par Like Kaise Badhaye App Download by 2022

There are many people who want to increase Facebook likes with the help of the app, so here I will tell you a trick to increase Facebook likes through a very famous app. Which you are going to like very much. Let’s know with the help of Facebook like kaise badhaye App and how to increase likes on Facebook from mobile.

Increase Facebook Par Unlimited Likes with Dj Like App

Download and install Dj Liker Apk. You will not find this app on Google play store. So you can download it from the official website. All you have to do is type Dj liker for FB on Google, after that you will get the option to download its apk. If you are a Redmi user then you can also download DJ Liker App from Mi store.

After installing the app, open your Facebook account in which you want to increase likes. I recommend you use a fake account. Because such apps hack your own account in many ways. Due to which your Facebook account can be hacked or blocked due to Likes.

If you use only real account, then change your password immediately after increasing likes. And never use more than one FB auto liker app at the same time.

If you use a fake account to increase Facebook Likes. So you have to search your real account here and then go to the post whose likes you want to increase.

Open the post on which you want to increase like and click on it. Now you have to click on Get Reactions. Wait for a while now you will see your FB Likes will start increasing. Which you can also see by refreshing in another window.

When Facebook likes stop increasing. So log out of DJ liker App or whatever FB Auto Liker App you are using and then change your Facebook password.

On the Internet you will find many such apps, which you can use for unlimited like badhane on Facebook. Some of which I have shared the list below:-

  • Like4Like
  • Vivo likes
  • Webbe
  • Like App Blue
  • FBoost
  • Yo like
  • Apental Calc
  • Likeulator
  • Hublaa
  • FB Like
  • Apental
  • MyFbliker

You must have understood all the steps, after all from Facebook par like kaise badhaye App. Now let’s talk about how to increase FB Likes with the help of website.

How To Increase Likes On Facebook With The Help Of Website (FB Like Tricks)

I have told you two such wonderful methods above. With which you can easily increase Facebook likes, that too in a few minutes. Now let’s know about another great way by which you can increase unlimited likes on Facebook.

Increase more and more likes on Facebook with webfee

  • Now you will see the option of Login Method, click there. Now by clicking on Generate Access Token, fill Facebook details and click on Generate Access Token again. As shown in the screen shot below.
  • Your token will be generated as soon as you click on Generate Access Token.
  • To copy the token and paste it in the given box, then click on Login.
  • Now you have to select that post. On which you want to increase likes.
  • by selecting a post “Get Likes” Click on

Take it, your work is done, in a while the likes will start increasing on the post you have selected.

How to Increase Likes on Facebook FAQ
Q: – What to do to get more and more likes in Facebook?

A:- To get more and more likes in Facebook, you apply the things mentioned below.

1. Post regularly on Facebook to increase likes.
2. Share the post at the right time. So that engagement and more and more FB likes can be received.
3. Post your photo or video in an attractive way. Like keep the title, description good.
4. Optimize your bio by writing it in a unique way.
5. If you want, you can also increase likes on Facebook with the help of DJ Liker Apk.

Q: – Which is the app to increase likes on Facebook?

A:- By the way, there are many apps to increase likes on Facebook. But the most famous is DJ Liker App. With the help of which you can easily increase unlimited Facebook Likes.

Q:- How will the likes come?

A:- If you use Facebook properly, you can also increase the engagement of your Facebook account with Likes. To increase likes on Facebook, post regularly, post at the right time, attract bio, like other’s post so that they also like your post. Join Facebook groups to increase likes on FB.


guys i hope you understand how to increase like on facebook, facebook par like kaise badhaye in 2022, facebook par like kaise badhaye app download And you must have liked all the three ways to increase FB Likes. Do tell by commenting which method did you like the most.

If you have any question or suggestion related to the post or if you want to ask something, then definitely tell in the comment.

If you want to get the latest updates of this blog, then you can also follow me on Facebook page.

Be healthy, be happy!!!

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