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Vegetable Business Ideas In Hindi – It is said that both food and water are needed to survive and if we talk about food, then along with rice, pulses we also need vegetables, in which we use vegetables daily. Most of the people like to eat fresh vegetables. If seen from the point of view of business, then vegetable business is the most running business, which is needed by people every day, so there is never any recession in this business, so today we are going to give you complete information about vegetable business in detail. .

Vegetable business outline

If you also want to do business of vegetables, then first of all you have to decide what will be the outline of your business, meaning you can start the business of vegetables in two ways. Vegetable wholesale trade and vegetable retail trade. Although vegetables can be traded in both these ways. Doing vegetable business in wholesale requires more capital, but for selling vegetables in retail, you can invest capital according to your budget.

If you want to do wholesale business of vegetables, then for this you can sell vegetables directly from farmers at cheap prices in the mandis or if you have enough space then you can also do wholesale business of vegetables by cultivating yourself. For vegetable business, you have to pay attention to some important things.

  • investment for business

If you want to grow vegetables by doing your own farming and then want to do wholesale business of those vegetables, then for this you will need land and along with this you also have to spend on seeds, chemical fertilizers, pesticides and laborers. Apart from this, if you want, by contacting the farmers, you can take vegetables directly from them and sell them in other markets.

You get vegetables from farmers at cheap prices. In the beginning, you can easily start the wholesale business of vegetables by investing 5000 to 7000 according to your need and if your budget is more then you can invest 20 to 30 thousand. You need more capital for wholesale business of vegetables.

If you want to do retail business of vegetables, then you do not need much capital for this. You can easily start a vegetable retail business by investing 4 to 5 thousand. You can also buy vegetables from the mandi according to your budget.

  • place of business

To trade vegetables in wholesale, you have to go to the market and sell vegetables. For this, you have to find out the market near you where you will sell vegetables. If you want to do retail business of vegetables, then you need a shop for this from where you will sell vegetables.

Therefore, you have to start a shop in such a place where there is more movement of people like market, residential area or roadside. People mostly come to these areas to buy vegetables. Apart from this, you can also sell vegetables door to door by keeping vegetables in a handcart. It has a higher chance of being sold.

  • shop decoration

In the wholesale business of vegetables, you sell vegetables by going to the direct market, so things like decoration of the shop are not there, but if you want to do retail vegetables business then you need to take a shop as well as shop. The decoration also needs a lot of attention. You keep your shop clean and keep vegetables in a clean and tidy way. Put the vegetables in small baskets and keep sprinkling water in them from time to time, this will keep the vegetables fresh and clean.

  • where to buy vegetables

If you want to do wholesale business of vegetables, then you can buy vegetables from direct farmers at fresh and cheap prices. Apart from this, you get closed sacks in the market, inside which there are more possibilities of rotten lane of vegetables. Therefore, try that you take vegetables from farmers only or you can take vegetables from village market at cheap prices and sell them in cities market.

If you want to do retail business of vegetables, you have to know what is the price of vegetables in the market. In this way, you can find out by going to many mandis and where you can get vegetables cheap from there you can sell vegetables at your shop. In the mandis, you get vegetables at cheap and wholesale prices, so you can do retail business of vegetables by picking goods according to your budget.

  • license to sell vegetables

To do business in any area, you definitely need to get a license related to that area. To run the business smoothly.

  • Arrangement for storage of leftover vegetables

Vegetables brought in the wholesale trade of vegetables are sold in the market immediately, so there is no need for storage in this business, but if you want to do retail business of vegetables, then you will have to make arrangements for the maintenance of the remaining vegetables so that the vegetables are spoiled. Do not and remain fresh for few days. You can use a freeze or cold storage room to keep vegetables fresh. Apart from this, buy as many vegetables as there is demand so that the chances of survival of vegetables are very less.

  • attract customers

If you want to do business of vegetables, then it is very important that more and more customers come to your shop, for this you can try many ways. First of all, you should survey the market that what is the rate of vegetables going on in the shops around you and try to keep the rate less than that but never keep the quality of vegetables bad in order to reduce the rate. The vegetables which are rotten or slightly spoiled, you should sell them at low prices and remove them quickly.

Along with this, always keep fresh vegetables because people like to eat fresh vegetables. You should also keep a variety of vegetables in your shop so that customers do not have to go anywhere else for variety. If customers will get all varieties of vegetables at your shop then your customers will be bound and will come to your shop regularly.

  • online delivery facility

In this corona period, people very rarely want to leave the house, so everyone needs everything online, so if you want to increase your vegetable business, then give the facility of online delivery to the people around you. Doing so increases your chances of growing your customers.

Vegetable Business Benefits

Vegetable business is considered to be a very running business because vegetables are the first need of the people without which even the thought of cooking cannot be imagined. You get a lot of profit in this business.

  • Vegetables can be traded even with less capital.
  • There is no need for any special shop for this, if you want, you can do vegetable business in handcart or even by any vehicle.
  • There is never any recession in this business, but on the occasion of weddings and festivals, the prices of vegetables touch the sky.
  • Vegetables whose demand is high and the supply is less, you can easily sell those vegetables at high prices, like sometimes due to the shortage of onions in the markets, the price of onions increases very much but people do not stop buying them. Because onions are very important for cooking.
  • No license is required for a small vegetable shop.
  • In this business, you do not even need to appoint more people in your shop.

profit in vegetable business

If you talk about profits, then you can earn the desired profit in the business of vegetables. For this you have to keep fresh vegetables and at the same time keep more vegetables in demand so that maximum profit can be made in your business. Your earning completely depends on the sale of vegetables.

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