Pune Video Viral; Woman Traveling In Bus Saved Lives Of 24 People | The driver suddenly got epilepsy in the moving bus; Passenger woman saved from falling in ditch by holding steering, drove 10 km bus

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A very shocking incident has happened in Pune. The driver of a government bus running at high speed on the road suddenly had an epileptic seizure and fell from the driving seat. When the bus started falling into the ditch uncontrollably, a woman traveling in it showed great courage and saved the lives of 24 passengers. The woman took care of the steering of the bus by showing agility and while driving it saved a major accident. The video of this courageous act of the woman has gone viral on social media. In this video, she is seen driving the bus.

This feat of bravery has been done by Yogita Dharmendra Satav, a resident of Pune. 42-year-old Yogita not only drove the bus 10 kms and took all the passengers on board safely to their destination, but also admitted the driver of the bus to a private hospital for treatment.

knew how to drive a car, had never driven a bus before
Yogita told that I knew how to drive a car, but I had never driven a bus before. Seeing the lives of the driver and other passengers in danger, I took the decision to drive the bus. After this, put the driver on the side and then took over the steering of the bus. First of all the driver needed treatment. He was admitted to a nearby village hospital and then other fellow female passengers were taken to their destination.

The driver was taken to the hospital on time
According to the information, a group of 23 women from Wagholi, Pune had gone for a walk in Morachi Chincholi of Shirur taluka on 7 January. Then suddenly this incident happened. During this, the driver had an epileptic attack and he collapsed. The women in the bus and the children present with them started screaming and crying in fear. Then Yogita took over the steering of the bus and drove it to the next village.

Here the driver was treated in a private hospital. At present his condition is fine and doctors say that he will be discharged soon. The way Yogita saved the lives of the driver and other women by taking command of the bus in the hour of crisis, she is being praised all around.

The former sarpanch of Yogita’s village has honored her by visiting her house.

Yogita was honored
Yogita told that she drove the bus for 10 kilometers and took all the people on it to a safe place. Former sarpanch of Wagholi village, Jayshree Satav Patil, along with her colleague and picnic organizer Asha Waghmare, paid her respects by visiting Yogita Satav’s house. Jayshree Satav said that many women drive four wheelers, but the work done by Yogita Satav of Wagholi to drive the bus in critical condition is really an act of courage. He proved that women are not weak at any level in the society.

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