Britney Spears denied locking her sister Jamie Lynn with a knife

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A new chapter has come to the indirect exchange of statements between Britney Spears y su hermana Jamie Lynn after the actress Zoey 101 recounted in his autobiographical book Things I Should Have Said a alleged incident in which the singer locked herself in a locked room with her while holding a knife.

In an interview with Nightline, the 30-year-old spoke about the episode. “First of all, I think experiencing my own panic attacks and how we can sometimes feel in those moments is important. I was a girl at that time. I was scared. That was an experience I had, but also she was afraid to say something because she didn’t want to upset anyone, but she was also so upset because she didn’t feel safe”, he said via US Weekly.

As she did a few days ago, the interpreter of Overprotected He responded through a statement on his Twitter account, in which he denied the facts. “Jamie Lynn. Congratulations, baby! You have lowered yourself to a completely low level”, Britney said at the beginning of the text.

Afterwards, he specifically referred to the event with the sharp kitchen utensil. “I have never been near you with a knife nor would I think of doing so! The only knife I saw you with at home was when cutting the biggest pumpkin pieces I’ve ever seen and it was too big to cut,” he said.

With a somewhat annoying tone, the 40-year-old singer, who in November 2021 ended a 13-year conservatorship for which he was unable to make his own decisions, he asked something of his sister: “please stop telling crazy lies for hollywood books”.

“Now and only now do I know that only a scumbag person would make those things up about someone. I’m actually very confused about what you’re making up because, honestly, it’s not like you at all!” Added the eldest Spears, who assured that she would never mess with her children. “Congratulations on introducing your big sister to the concept of falling under, lower and lower. Because you win at it.”


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