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Mild symptoms of Kovid-19 can also be fatal, do not make these 4 mistakes at all

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Covid-19 case: People are facing a lot of problems due to Coronavirus. Every day lakhs of people are getting infected with corona virus in the country. In such a situation, measures to be taken to prevent corona virus are very important. Wearing a face mask and sanitizing hands is considered very important to protect against corona virus. At the same time, people who get infected with Kovid-19 sometimes take this virus lightly, due to which they also have to face many problems.

Some mistakes of people can make even a mild infection of the corona virus fatal. In such a situation, let us know what are the mistakes that people often make, due to which even mild symptoms of corona become very effective and cause harm.

1. Whenever you have corona, despite mild symptoms, only consult doctors who know covid. Sometimes it becomes overwhelming to take wrong advice and ignore the mild symptoms of corona.

2. Be aware of corona virus. Get your covid test done immediately if you see symptoms like corona. Many times people take these symptoms lightly and do not get the covid test done, due to which people have to face problems later. Due to the delay in the test, even a healthy person becomes vulnerable to severe symptoms.

3. Isolate yourself as soon as you see symptoms of corona. Many times people wait for the report after the Kovid test and do not isolate themselves, due to which this disease can spread to other people as well.

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4. Many people after getting infected with corona themselves start taking medicines for cough, cold, fever etc. Sometimes even mild symptoms become severe due to lack of knowledge of medicines. In this case, take medicines only on the advice of the doctor.

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