A medical rehabilitation consultant for “Okaz”: 6 tips to prevent “Abu Wajh” – Saudi News

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Medical Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine Consultant Dr. Hashem Noman al-Sibai confirmed that there are widespread misconceptions about the causes of a common disease that affects all ages, especially young people, which is “seventh nerve palsy” or what is known as “half facial palsy” or “Bell’s palsy”, and in the general public. Known as “Abu Face”.

He told Okaz: The disease can occur in the right or left half of the face, or in both, indicating that the inflammation of the seventh nerve leads to weakness in the facial muscles, lack of control over the muscles of the eyelids and mouth, and sometimes hearing loss with pain behind the ear.

He added that the causes of the disease are different and so far, they are uncertain and inaccurate, including: otitis media, exposure to cold air after heat and sweating, head trauma, stroke, multiple sclerosis, tumors, a viral cause, and its common symptoms are the inability to close the eyelid. Inability to raise the eyebrow, inability to control the movement of the lips, poor sense of taste, difficulty eating and drinking, difficulty speaking, drooling and dry eyes.

Regarding treatment and the most important advice directed to the general public, Dr. Al-Sibai concluded by saying: The treatment consists of drug treatment and physical therapy sessions (according to each case), and the most important advice, instructions and warnings are represented in 6 general tips: not to fatigue the eyes, not to be exposed to strong lighting, Avoid situations of tension and nervousness, not to be exposed to cold air directly, not to focus on mobile, television and computer for a long time, in addition to following and applying the exercises recommended by the doctor.


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