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What is Pinterest Welcome friends in another new article in which we are going to tell you from Pinterest how to earn money, you facebook, Instagram, LinkedinYou can earn money from Pinterest just like Twitter etc. But many people are not able to earn money from Pinterest due to lack of correct information.

if you too Want to make money using Pinterest, must read this article till the end, because in this article we have told you about 5 such ways to earn money from Pinterest, using which many people are earning millions of rupees from Pinterest.

If you are a new user of Pinterest and you do not know how to create a pin, then in this article we have given you stepwise complete information about creating an account and pin on Pinterest. Therefore this article can be very beneficial for you.

So let’s start without taking much of your time, know this article first and foremost. Pinterest What is in hindi.

What is Pinterest

Pinterest FacebookLike Instagram, Twitter, etc. is a social networking website on which you can publish posts, see other people’s posts and like, comment, share the post. Content on Pinterest is in the form of Image and Short Video, so people often call it Image Website. Posts on Pinterest are called pins.

To use Pinterest, just like any other social media network, you have to create an account on Pinterest, which is very easy. And after that you can pin the image of your choice to different boards or categories. Pinterest is a good one for women money making app Is.

How to Create an Account on Pinterest

Creating an account on Pinterest is very easy, if you are facing any problem in creating your account on Pinterest then you follow the process given below.

#1 First of all, you download the Pinterest application in your mobile, or you can open the official website of Pinterest in your browser. And click on Sign Up at the top.

#2 – After that you Email ID Enter and create a password so that you will be able to login to your Pinterest ID in future, you must also fill your age. (If you want, Facebook or your Google Account You can also sign up from

#3 Now a new page will open in front of you, in which you have to fill your gender and name.

#4 After this Pinterest will ask you to select some interest, you should select the category related to your interest. Keep in mind that you have to select at least 3 categories.

#5 After this you have to select 5 topics related to your category.

#6 Now you have to skip all the options that will come in front of you.

#7 In the end, you have to login to the email ID that you entered. An email will have come from Pinterest in your inbox, you have to open that email and click on Confirm Your Email.

Your account on Pinterest will be successfully created as soon as you confirm the email. And now you can earn money by regularly pinning on Pinterest.

How to Create a Pin on Pinterest

If you are a new user on Pinterest then using Pinterest can be a bit difficult for you as compared to Facebook, Instagram. But you can easily learn to use Pinterest by the steps given below.

1 – After creating an account, you will see many pins in Home, you click on the option with Profile made in the corner.

2- In the section containing the profile, you will get a + icon, clicking on which you will get the option of Board and Pin. Here Board means category.

3 – You have to create a new board by clicking on the board. For this, first you give the name of the board and then click on the option called Create.

4 – After this you will be asked to create a Pin, you can create a PIN of your choice and click on the option done. In this way your Pin and Board will be published.

5 – When you will create a new pin on the same category, then you can add it to the previously created board. If you create a pin related to any category, then use a new board for that.

In this way you can easily create Board and Pin in Pinterest.

How To Make Money With Pinterest – Pinterest Se Paise Kaise Kamaye

We have told you about the 5 best ways to earn money from Pinterest, through which many people are earning millions of rupees per month. If you are active on Pinterest regularly and publish 1 or 2 pins daily then you can earn a lot of money from Pinterest in future.

Before knowing about the ways to make money on Pinterest, you also need to know that what is the right process to earn more money from Pinterest.

  • First of all, you choose a niche, related to which you will publish the image on Pinterest. It is very important to choose Niche to earn more money from any platform.
  • After deciding Niche, you must publish at least 2 pins every day for 3 months.
  • Publish the PIN in a Schedule. If you publish one pin in the morning and one pin in the evening, do so regularly.
  • Make your profile professional.
  • Follow other profiles related to your Niche.
  • Publish an attractive image.
  • If you follow this process regularly for 3 months then your followers on Pinterest will increase.
  • When the number of your followers will increase, then you will be able to earn money from Pinterest through the following methods.

ways to make money on pinterest

Following are the 5 best ways to make money from Pinterest.

#1 – Make Money from Pinterest by Affiliate Marketing

If you become a good follower on Pinterest then you Affiliate Marketing By doing this you can earn good money from Pinterest. Many affiliate marketers are earning millions of rupees a month through Pinterest because conversions are good on Pinterest. To read in detail about Affiliate Marketing, you can read our article on What is Affiliate Marketing.

Another way to make money on Pinterest is through sponsorship. When the number of followers on your Pinterest increases, many companies will contact you for sponsorship. Because whenever companies launch a new product, it goes to the Influencer to promote the product. You have to promote the company’s product in your post and in return the company gives you money. Influencer whose number of followers is in million, the company gives them lakhs of rupees for a sponsorship.

#3 – Make Money From Pinterest By Doing Reselling Business

Reselling you via Pinterest Business You can also earn well by doing this. Reselling business is a business in which you have to sell the product of other company by adding your margin. There are many Reselling companies in India at present.

First of all, you have to select a good Reselling Company, and pin their product in your Pinterest Account, and when you start getting orders from there, then you have to book order for that person. Money is credited to your bank account within a week of order delivery.

You Meesho And Shopsy Like you can do Reselling Business through the application. Because both of these are the best Reselling company, through which we have earned money ourselves.

Reselling business is a good way to earn money in the present time, because you do not need a store, neither do delivery nor any kind of support.

#4 – Earn money by sending traffic to the website from Pinterest

If you have a website and you Google AdSenseIf you want to earn money through affiliate marketing, or any other way, then you need traffic. you without traffic money from website Can’t earn. If traffic is not coming to your website, then you can earn money by sending traffic to your website through Pinterest.

Whenever you pin someone on Pinterest, you must also add a link to your website in it. With this, whenever a user sees your post on Pinterest, he will click on the image and come to your website. And along with the traffic of your website, earnings will also increase.

#5 – Earn money by selling your own products

If you have a product, then you can also earn money by selling your product through Pinterest. You can pin the image of your product on Pinterest, and if you have your own business website, you can also add a link to your website in the pin.

When a user likes your product, then by clicking on the image, he will reach the website and will buy the product from there. But you have to keep in mind that your product should have quality.

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Conclusion: What is Pinterest and how to make money from it

In today’s article we have with you Pinterest Se Paise Kaise Kamaye Information shared about. You can earn money from Pinterest by these five methods mentioned in the article.

Choose one of the methods, and keep publishing Pins to Pinterest regularly. If there is continuity in your work, then after 3 – 4 months from today you will earn good money from Pinterest.

Hope you must have liked this article written by us, if you have got some benefit from this article, then you must share it with your friends on social media, and also help them to earn money online.

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