Threat on WhatsApp users! This one mistake will make pauper in a moment – whatsapp users alert cyber criminals steal your money by sim swapping technique –

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Cybercriminals are once again targeting WhatsApp users. This time the matter has become even more dangerous, as fraudsters are collecting personal information of users using SIM swapping technique. By doing this he is stealing money from the bank accounts of the users. meta WhatsApp has millions of users around the world. So the fraud adopted this special WhatsApp trick (whatsapp tricks) could affect millions of users.

Due to its worldwide popularity, WhatsApp has always been a target of online scammers. The number of stolen accounts has increased significantly in the last one year. There has been a nearly 120 percent increase in the number of phishing and ransomware attacks on the WhatsApp messaging platform. A report by cyber security firm Kaspersky reveals how cybercriminals are targeting people. Here we are telling you that cyber criminals clone your WhatsApp number.

What is SIM Swapping Technique?
More than 2 billion WhatsApp accounts are at risk from this technique called SIM-swapping. Actually this is a scam to hack the hard earned money of the users. How online scammers clone any WhatsApp phone number and assign a new SIM card. Once they have a cloned-SIM card of your number, they can easily access your contacts, passwords and bank account details.

Cybercriminals are using SIM swapping tricks to get user information. Many people fall into the trap of these criminals and share all their information in a very short time. Let me tell you that even calling people with fake shoes reveals their personal information. When an attack occurs, the victim’s services are usually temporarily suspended for a few minutes. It’s time to dump him and move on.

How to Avoid SIM Swapping Scam
Set up 2-Step Authentication: Two-step verification of WhatsApp is very important. This added level of security will keep hackers away. To turn on 2-Step Verification, you need to go back to your WhatsApp settings. After this you have to tap on Account. Here you will see 2-Step Verification settings.

Do not click on suspicious links: Most of the malicious links come from large groups or from anonymous emails or unknown numbers of users on WhatsApp. All you have to do is protect yourself from clicking on any malicious links. Even if you don’t think such links are malicious, check the validity of the URL.

Important thing:
You must not share your personal and sensitive information with anyone. You should never share your personal or sensitive information with anyone, even if it claims to be from a trusted organization. You should always verify their authenticity.

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