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Friends, in this post I will tell you MA Ka Full Form What, MA Kaise Kare fromIn which field can you do a job after MA? I will give all the information in detail.

If you have just passed college or you are in school then it is important for you to know what you should do after school or college.

Before you know about MA MA ki full form kya hai Must be aware of this. So let’s move on to the post M.A Know about all the information related to.

M.A Ka Full Form Kya Hai? (M.A Degree Full Form)

Many of you would already know this MA is a degree, Which you must have heard from the mouth of your seniors or any elder in the house that his son / daughter has done BA / MA.

What would you do?

So in such a situation, the question arises, if you also want to do MA, then first of all you have to have the right information about it as well. What is the full form of MA? It is very important to know this.

MA ki full form Master of Arts” is in hindi MA ki full form “master of Arts” Is.

MA ka full form in English

M – Master of

A – Arts

“Master of Arts”

MA full form in Hindi (full form of MA in Hindi)

M – Master

A – Art

“master of Arts”

MA Kya Hai? What is M.A in Hindi

Those students who pass their graduation from BA can do MA for post graduation. This is the best option for them. MA is a Post Graduation Degree, Which is done after graduation.

If you have graduated from BA (Bachelor of Arts) after passing school. So you can easily do MA.

But if you have passed college from any other stream B.Com/B.Sc then you cannot study MA.

M.A (Master of Arts) The course is of 2 years. You get a maximum of 5 years to get an MA degree.

But once you get MA degree then you become eligible for many government jobs.

After getting the degree of MA (Master of Arts), you also get a chance to do P.hd. Because of which you can work in many fields.

MA Kaise Kare?

I have told you some points below to get MA degree. After completing which you can do MA.

In today’s time, if you are a little fine in studies, then you can easily get BA, MA degree.

Like I mentioned above, MA is a 2 year course and you get 5 years to complete it.You can complete it in 2 years by studying well.

First of all you have to pass in 12th class from any stream. Whether it is arts, science or commerce. It doesn’t matter.

  • Step 2. Pass Graduation at least 55% Marks

After passing 12th, you have to pass graduation from BA (Bachelor of Arts), that too with at least 55% marks.

To study MA, you have to give an entrance exam. Nowadays you can take admission in MA in many private colleges/universities even without entrance exam.

Once you clear the entrance or have direct admission, you will have to complete the studies of MA. For which I have already told that you get 2 -5 years time.

To do MA course, it is also important for you to know how many and which subjects are there in it. So let’s know more about this

M.A Course Ke Subject

By the way, you get many subject options for studying MA. But most of these subjects which are chosen by the student, I have told about them below.

You can take all these subjects in either Hindi / English language. Remember English subject will remain in English only.

  • English:- This subject is for those students who are interested in English. Those who love to read and write in English. If you are also interested in English then you can try this subject. To can choose.

In this subject, you are also prepared for Creative Writing and Teaching of English subject.

  • History:- This is a historical subject, in which information related to history is given. History is told about all the events and places.

If you are interested in history then you can choose it.

  • Geography:- In this subject you get to learn about the earth and human activities. People who are interested in human or things related to earth choose Geography.
  • Economics:- From this topic you can get information about the economics of India and other countries.
  • Sociology:- In this topic, discussions are held about the society, the problems happening in the society and their welfare or the changes taking place in the society are also studied.

MA Kahan Se Kare?

You can do MA from any government recognized college/university or any private institute.

You just have to follow their admission criteria.

What are the job options after doing MA course?

As soon as you get MA degree, you become eligible for many jobs, some of which I have mentioned below.

  • Teacher
  • Business Consultant
  • Bank
  • Officer
  • Project Manager

if you MA After the Ph.D. If you do, then you can do the job of a professor in any college/university in India.

FAQs related to MA:-
What is the full form of MA?

Master of Arts

What are the subjects in MA?



Friends, in this post I have told you What is the full form of MA (What is MA full form Hindi mai), about MA kaise kare has been told in detail.

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