Common Problems of LED TV Combo Board

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Hello guys, today in this post I will tell you about the common problems of LED TV combo board. If you want to know the common problems of universal led tv combo motherboard, please read this post till the end.

Everyone knows that almost each and every assembled LED TV has a universal combo motherboard inside the TV. Therefore, most of the time, the combo motherboard is installed inside a TV due to the chip rate and is easily available in the market. Therefore, this type of LED TV motherboard has some common problems which I explain below in this post.

Here you will get all the LED LCD TV repair techniques and processes to fix and repair any type of LED LCD TV problem yourself at home.

Common Combination Board Problems

  • completely dead problem
  • LED TV standby issue
  • LED TV Low Indication Problem
  • Combo Board 12V ok but TV Dead Problem
  • Missing panel supply voltage on motherboard

These are the most common LED TV Combo motherboard problems. To know the process of repairing these problems, simply follow the instructions below.

LED TV Combo Board Common Problem Repair Process

  • Completely dead issue: If you have a completely dead problem on the LED TV universal combo board, it means that the power supply section is not working. To fix this issue, you need to follow the power supply repair technique that I already write, article and post on this site. To read that post to know you can visit How To Fix LED TV Full Dead Problem
  • LED TV standby problem repair technique: To fix led tv standby problem, you need to check all the necessary voltages of the motherboard. If you get that all the voltage is ok then you need to flash the BIOS IC again. After upgrading again, the BIOS IC still has a wait problem, then you need to replace the main IC. For more information on this troubleshooting technique, you can visit How to Fix LED TV Standby Issue.
  • LED TV low indication problem: To fix this problem, you must first check the front panel connection. If the front panel connection is OK, you should check the main capacitor of the main power supply, just replace that capacitor with a new one. Your problem will be solved.
  • Combo Board 12V ok but TV Dead Problem: We have this problem due to the damage of the 6-pin and 5-pin IC. So whenever you have this kind of problem, you need to check the 6-pin and 5-pin regulator circuit in the driver section of the main board. I have written a detailed information how to fix this problem. To know this information you can visit
  • Missing panel supply voltage on motherboard: We have this problem due to the damage of the panel voltage switching transistor. To fix this problem, you need to check the panel voltage switching transistor and the panel supply voltage conduction path.

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Learn the technique of repairing LED TVs

FAQ of Common Problems of LED TV Combo Board

What are the symptoms of a bad main board in a TV?

You will get different symptoms for different motherboard failures. To know the common problem and symptoms of LED TV board, please read this post very carefully.

What causes motherboard failure in TV?

There are many reasons why a board fails. To know about this topic in detail, you can read this article about 5 Common Problems of LED TV Combo Motherboard.

What happens when there is a problem with the LED screen?

You will get all the voltages correct on the main motherboard. But it is the panel PCB, you will get missing voltage and abnormal voltage inside the panel PCB.

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