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An unusual case was heard in the United States in which it was revealed that there was an advertising agreement between Google and Facebook in which Google gave priority to Facebook in advertising. But the amazing thing about it is that it was a work out of the ordinary, in which the public trust was damaged and some companies were given extraordinary benefits.

Facebook and Google’s top circles, Mark Zuckerberg and Sundar Pechai, signed an agreement, nicknamed “Jedi Blue”. The agreement was signed in 2018. Its main purpose was to promote Facebook-related ads on Google.

An appeal was filed against him in Texas in December 2020, followed by other states in the United States. It states that “Google used” false, fraudulent and misleading “methods to buy and sell its digital advertising. It is clear that Google preferred Facebook ads on its platform. This practice is against transparency due to international competition.

But why did Google do that? This is because Facebook used a controversial method of buying ads to snatch the advertising market from Google, which was called header budding.

Google reacted quickly to Facebook’s move. But he had no choice but to retreat in front of Facebook. After that, an agreement was reached and according to this, Facebook ads will be given importance by Google and other facilities of the network will also be offered.

It is important to note that in 2015, Google’s top executives warned that in the future, they may face advertising competition with other companies.

This is not the first time Facebook has come under fire under antitrust laws. Earlier, allegations such as Donald Trump’s election campaign, digitally dumping atrocities against Muslims in India and illegal promotion of some New Zealand companies in 2015 are still a nightmare for Facebook.

According to cyber law experts, this will not stop the matter in any way, but it will also lead to further revelations and developments.

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