Google Drive How to use it

Introduction with Google Drive

Google Drive is a free cloud-based storage service that allows users to store and access files online. With this service, users can store documents, photos, and other data on their devices in the cloud. The best feature of this is its speed, which means that you can do the process of uploading and downloading very fast in it. You can also think of Google Drive as cloud storage. This drive has many such features as uploading files, creating folders, making sharing files or files publicly available, syncing desktop and smartphone clients, etc. Google Drev is easily integrated with other Google services and systems – including Google Docs, Gmail, Android, Chrome, YouTube, and Google Analytics.

Definition of Google Drive

Google Drive is a free service that Google launched for users on April 24, 2012. It allows users to store files online and access them from any corner of the world and that too with the help of the cloud. In addition, Google Drev provides you with access to many free web-based applications that allow you to do many things such as creating documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and many more. Google Drev allows its users to store files on their servers, synchronize those files across devices, and share files together. Google released its iOS app in June 2012.

Why We Use Google Drive

If you have not yet used any cloud-based storage service such as Google Drive, then you must understand the advantages of online storage once. This is because the user can access these files anywhere and at any time from his computer, only an internet connection is required. Storing it in the drive causes many of our problems like emailing the file and saving them in a USB drive etc. Apart from this, Drive also allows you to easily share files with other people.

How to use Google Drive

It is not possible to do all the work of Google Drive through the Google Drev website. 90% of people use the Google Drive App to upload or download documents on Google Drive. Here’s how to use Google Drive on mobile.

Step 1: First of all you have to download the Google Drev app for free from the Google play store. After downloading, install the app on your mobile phone.

Step 2: You have to automatically log in to your Google account on mobile using your Google account. Thus, the app will be automatically logged in using the Google account provided on your mobile. After opening the app, you will see a “+” icon at the bottom. If you click on the plus icon, you will get the option to upload a file.

After clicking on the plus icon, you will get the option of “Create Folder” and “Upload File”.

Step 3: Now if you want to download any file, just click on that file or image. After clicking on the image or file, you will see some new options at the bottom, where you will see the “Download” option.

Then you will see how easy it is to use Google Drive from mobile. With mobile, you can easily upload or backup new images to Google Drive. In addition, you can view all types of uploaded files or images from the application without having to download them again. The biggest advantage of this is that all your images are saved on mobile and are not taking up space on mobile.

Features in Google Drive

Although there are many features of Google Drive, here we will know about some of the best features.

Free Space

All devices have a storage limit, whether it is a desktop computer or your Smartphone, after a time when your data starts increasing, then you start running short of space, but due to Google Drive’s cloud storage, you have to worry about space. Never need to worry. Because in this you can easily save all your important documents, be it Photos, Videos, Documents, Files, in Google Drive.

Google Drive provides free storage of up to 15 Gb to all users, which is enough for a common user. If you want more space then you will have to take some subscription plan in this way.

Google Forms

This is an application of Drive, they are used to take surveys. With which you can collect information by doing a survey on any topic if you want. They can be used properly to register an event or function.

Inbuilt Apps

In Google Drev, you can create any type of Docs just like Microsoft Office. In which Spreadsheets, Slides, Forms, Presentation are the main ones.

Files Creation

Google Drive does not only store your files, but with its help you can create, share, and manage many documents using its productivity apps. If you’ve ever worked in a suite like Microsoft Office before, you’ll see the same similarity in Google Drive’s apps. Let’s know about its other Productivity Apps.

You can create and share the following files on Google Drive:

1. Documents: It is used to compose letters, flyers, essays, and other text-based files (which are similar to Microsoft Word documents).

2. Spreadsheets: Used to store and organize information (similar to Microsoft Excel workbooks).

3. Presentations: It is used to create slideshows (it is similar to Microsoft PowerPoint presentations).

4. Forms: It is used to collect and organize data.

5. Drawings: It is used to create simple vector graphics and diagrams.

Work in Google Drive

Here we will learn about creating, editing text documents, and saving them in Google Drive.

1. In this, first you have to enter Google Drev drive.google.com, from your browser which is on the desktop.

2. Then under the CREATE button, you have to click on Connect more apps.

3. Whereas in the search box of the Connect apps window, search for “Drive Notepad”. Whenever you see the app, click on the Connect button which is located at the bottom of the app.

4. Once connected, it will show you a confirmation message. If you want, you can keep that tick mark on “So that you can keep that Drive Notepad default app to open files”. Then Click OK.

5. Now to create a new text document, click on CREATE and then select Text Document.

6. This will bring you to Drive Notepad’s text editor, which is a part of Google Drev and is connected to Google Drive. This text editor has a floating toolbar in which you can view and use the file name, file extension, save the file, and much more.

7. To save that text, you have to click on Save Button to save that text. Once you save it, you can see that file again in the Google Drev folder.

8. If you want to open an existing text file in Google Drev, for this you have to right-click on that file, then choose Open with and then Drive Notepad. In this way, if you want, you can edit any text files in Google Drive.

9. Apart from this, if you want, you can make Drive Notepad the default app to open text-based files. For this, you have to go to Manage apps which is below Open with.

10. After that you have to put a tick mark, next to Use by default which is below Drive Notepad.

 How to delete Add File in Google Drive

If you want to remove a file from Drive, then it will have to be put in the trash. This file will remain here till then you do not empty the trash. When you put a file in the trash:

If you own that file, then people with whom you have shared them can also copy it.

If you do not own that file, then if you remove that file from your drive then it removes it from your drive only.

Backup in Google Drive

Step-1: First of all you have to open the Google Drive service app, in which you have to set up your Gmail account properly.

Step-2: After setting up Google Mail, you will get the + icon in the bottom right corner of Google Drev, you have to click on it.

Step-3: By clicking on it you will get some options, let’s know about it –

Folder – If you want to make a folder in Google Drive, then by clicking on that folder icon, you can create a folder, rename it and upload any files like photos, documents, videos in it.

Upload – Whereas if you want to upload files directly to Google Drev, then you can upload files directly by clicking Upload Button. But this will upload the file to Google Drev cake root.

Scan And if you want to upload any documents, then you should first scan the documents, note that the documents should be correct and clear. To scan, you have to click on the Scan Button, which the user can scan the document.

Backup Restore 

If you want to restore Backup from Google Drive, then click on the file you want to restore and by doing this you will get many options. The download option will also be available in this, by using this download option you can download the file so that it will be restored to its place again.

How to Share Google Drive Documents

Sharing documents is a very easy task. For this, you have to first select the file, then share it, and by doing this it may ask you to enter the email address, then you have to enter the email address of the person with whom you want to share that document. want to do.

When you share some document, then you have the option to choose how much access you want to give to that person. If you want, you can edit that document., You can only view and if you want, you can also make some comments about the document in the sidebar.

When you’re selecting a contact to share a document with, you’ll need to click Who can in the Edit menu next to the email address, and then select Can Edit, Can View, or Can Comment.

Also, you can create a sharable link if you do not have a direct link (Google address) to that person. By doing this, that person can open that URL by signing in to his Google Credentials with the help of that URL and see what has been shared with him.

Google Drive for Mobile

This Google Drive is available for all mobile platforms such as iOS and Android, this Google Drive mobile app allows you to view and upload files to Google Drev using your mobile device.

Google Drive for Computer

If you like working more on your desktop, then you can download the Google Drive desktop app on your computer. It is available in Windows and OS X, this app proves to be very helpful for users to upload Mehjuda files and to work offline. Once it is installed, then you can see a new Google Drive folder on your computer. Any files that you move to this folder will automatically be uploaded to your Google Drive.

Free 15GB
Basic 100GB 130Rs per Month
Standard 200GB 210Rs per Month
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