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In the latest edition of Al fin y al cabo, journalist Ricardo Fonseca spoke with National Senator Luis Juez, who spoke about a series of current political, economic and social issues affecting Argentina. “We are in the worst hands at the worst time,” said the official, who called Alberto Fernandez “totally undervalued, without authority, without authoritative voice, without capacity, without equipment, without plan”.

As we approach the end of a very eventful month that promises near-single-digit inflation, Judge mentioned that “markets won’t believe you if you don’t have a plan or political support.”

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Referring to the social climate and the growing protests of the various groups of picketers, the threats, or even the words of the activist Juan Grabois who assured that the looting would return, the senator declared: “I would not provoke society, I would not provoke the people, because the atmosphere is on the ground. It’s good that it’s an extremely docile city, but there is a level of annoyance that can be complicated.” And he assured that the president too is “out there, screaming”, and “always accusing the other “.

“Peronism is a machine for crushing power, it enjoys power. I don’t see the will to cut public spending, I don’t see the president with an austerity policy and he is totally out of touch with reality,” Judge said.

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