how to make money with facebook (7 easy ways)

how to make money with facebook Facebook is currently the largest in the world social media platform It is done. Many people use it to surf their Friends to stay connected, but they don’t know they Facebook You can also make money with

If you don’t even know how to make money from Facebook, keep reading this article because today I am going to tell you that how to make money with facebook |

how to make money with facebook (7 easy ways) 2

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Facebook Se Paise Kaise Kamaye (Step by step Walk)

Step 1: By creating a Facebook page

The Facebook page is the best way to make money on Facebook. Because if you put in the effort once, it will sustain you for the rest of your life.

Step 2: Choose a niche

You have now learned how to create a Facebook page, but before creating a Facebook page, it is important to select your Niche (Topic).

You should always choose your niche based on your interests because what you are not interested in, what will you tell people about it.

It’s lost that you have to make a page according to your interest.

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Step 3: Post regularly

you your Facebook At least 4 daily posts should be made above the page, through which your page will start growing.
Posting doesn’t mean you have to put anything on your page, you still have to keep posting on one or another trending topic.

Step 4: Establish a relationship

You should also maintain a good relationship with other page managers in your niche, so you can help each other grow.

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Step 6: Build a BRAND

Now you need to create your own brand and reach more and more people. We must inspire confidence in the minds of people,

More Important Tips

  • Always post for your readers and not for your own benefit.
  • Regularity is very important, it should not happen that you post today and the next post is after 2 months.
  • If one of your subscribers has a problem, help them.
  • In every post on your Facebook page #(Hashtag) Use

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2. Facebook Post Ko SELL KARKE

There are many websites on the internet, which are ready to spend a lot of money for the promotion of their content. She sees which FB pages are related to her niche, where those people can promote their content.

So, if you have a popular Facebook page, which has millions of likes. Then this can be a very good earning model for you.

3. By selling the products

You can also earn a lot of money by selling products on Facebook. Because Facebook does not lack an audience. Selling a product is not very difficult, you just need to create a good product and sell it to people through Facebook groups.

Let me tell you, it’s not as easy as it looks to read, because people don’t spend money on ary-gary things. If you give them good value, they will buy your product.

If you have no product, you can link up with another person. You can tell him that I will sell your product. And you give me a commission on the price of the product.

It’s a kind of affiliate marketing. The only difference is that you won’t get any special links, you will sell the product directly.

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More Important Tips

1. Offer a discount

When you will sell the product. If your customer asks for a discount, give them a small discount. Because in a research it has been found that, if you give discount to customers while selling something. So most people buy it.

2. Use all payment methods

Whatever payment method is available in the market at the moment, you give them to your customers because the customer always pays only with his preferred payment method. Many times my deal couldn’t be completed for this reason, because I didn’t have the payment method that my customers wanted.

You can use it if you want. Because in Instamojo you get all payment methods. But it’s not free, you have to pay a 2-3% fee per transaction to Instamojo.

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4. By selling a Facebook account

Nowadays, old Facebook accounts have also started selling because on the one hand, Facebook gives more preference to old accounts, and it also gets more engagement. If you have an old Facebook account, you can sell it.

5. Facebook groups with Paise Kamaye

Friends, to earn money through Facebook groups. You need to create a good Facebook group. In which you must collect a minimum of 10,000 active members. Then you need to engage with those members.

Next, you need to gradually push ads and paid surveys into your group. Thanks to which you will have income and if you wish, you can also sell your product in your Facebook group.

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6. By making videos

You create full content videos in your Facebook page. Keep posting frequently on your Facebook page. This will not only increase your engagement, but you can also earn money by placing ads in your videos.

It’s a bit like making money with Youtube. That’s it, the only difference is that you will monetize it with the help of Facebook.

7. By joining the Facebook Audience Network

If you’re a website or Android app developer, you can use Facebook’s Audience Network. If you don’t know what Facebook Audience Network is?

So, I would like to tell you that it is a kind of advertising network. Which serves advertisements on the website and Android apps. So, you can monetize your website and Android apps with its help.


Finally, I would like to tell you that it takes time to work all these methods, you have to invest both your time and your mind. Only then can you make good income from Facebook. You will also need to work hard on developing your skills.

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What are Facebook In-Stream Ads

Videos are now uploaded a lot on Facebook. Facebook also gives more reach (visitors) to videos than other textual content because people also like to watch more videos these days.

If the video is good, it doesn’t take long for the video to go viral in minutes.

Facebook now also displays ads in the middle of these videos that only fall under in-app ads.

Thanks to these advertisements, Facebook earns a lot of money and part of this gain is also donated to the person who makes the video.

In this way, you can also earn money from Facebook’s in-stream ads by making videos.

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Criteria for Facebook in-stream ads

1. Your page must be at least 30 days old

2. Your page must have uploaded at least 4 videos with a duration of 3 minutes

3. Your page should have 30,000 views in 1 minute (i.e. all your videos together should have 30,000 views in 1 minute)

If your Facebook Page has met these three requirements, your Facebook Page is now ready to apply for in-stream ads.

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A few rules of In-Stream Ads

  1. Do not upload anyone’s copyrighted video
  2. The video must be original
  3. The length of the video must be at least three minutes
  4. The video must not contain any objectionable content


If you how to make money with facebook , If the article was useful, you should share this article with the friends who want to earn money through Facebook. Other than that, if you need any information related to this article, you can use the comment box below for that.

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