Kaise Lagwaye Mobile Tower 2022 | how to install mobile tower 2022 online app

Mobile tower kaise lagaye? Now everyone wants to use 4G network and for that you all must know the Kochi way that it is necessary to install the tower only then internet can work in our smartphone and smart device.

Which is a simple way and thanks to this, the internet is used all over the world, where more towels are installed, the better you can use the internet and the speed will also improve.

You must have often seen that when there is 4G TOWER around you, through which you can get internet easily and fast, the more people are engaged, the better they can use the internet.

In such a situation, almost all telecom companies are looking for a place to install more and more towers, in such a situation, if there is a good place near you where you want to install the tower, then whatever process can be done easily.

Because if you don’t know how the tower can be installed in your vacant land, then here we will give you complete information and apart from that whatever information you are going to give, if you put the tower in your place, so how much of his money will you receive each month.

We will say in this post that Mobile tower kaise lagaye? We will give all the information about it, which will help to understand it one way or another, and carefully read our article from beginning to end.

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Mobile tower kaise lagaye?

Here we are going to tell how the towers of big telecom companies like JIO, AIRTEL and VODAFONE can be installed in their place, here we are going to give complete information about them one by one.

You can easily install a tower from any of the three telecommunications companies we have mentioned, what are the requirements for it and what documents are needed, apart from that, what needs to be done by the government. given here.

Certain rules have been laid down by Indian government and state government to set up towers at any place, keeping these rules in mind, towers can be set up and we are going to talk about them in detail below. below in this article. .

mobile tower installation rules

  • If you want to put your husband on the roof of your house or the roof of the office, he must have a space of 500 square feet, he cannot be installed in less space, nor will any telephone company want to install his own towel .
  • Other than that, if you want to set up a towel in any land in the city that is completely empty, it should have at least 2000 square feet of space and there should be no big building around it.
  • To install a tower in a village will require 2500 square feet of space.
  • It is also important to know one thing that if you invest in a company, you don’t have to spend a single penny, so all the money spent to set it up is donated by the company itself.
  • Other than that, no news can be posted within 100 meters of a government and private school and the government enforces this rule very strictly, so if you have a tower set up somewhere, it can also be removed at new. .
  • Apart from this, if the people living around you also raise the goal to install the tower, it is not impossible to cripple the tower, in such a situation, it is necessary to bring a certificate of non- objective.

What is the whole process of installing a tower?

We would like to tell you that Indus Towers is the largest tower installation company in India.

Where Indus Towers also has many different offices available in India where you can easily talk to them and tell them about your land, where is your place and if they think there but the tower should be installed.

In such a situation, in a few months a tower will be installed in your place, and in return a lot of money can be earned every month, and this method is also used by many people.

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In this post we are with you all Mobile tower kaise lagaye? We have tried our best to provide all the information on this topic in an appropriate manner, but for any kind of information on this topic, you can tell us via the comment below.

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