Where is the Amazon company – Know the owner of Amazon.

Today in which article we will tell you, the largest shopping site in the world ,, amazon kaha ki hai company ,, If you also want to learn more about the largest e-commerce website, read this article completely. in this post Owner of Amazon We’ll talk about that too, so read the post completely.

As you all know, today’s age is the age of internet and in the digital age, anyone loves to do any job online. If we do work digitally, then we have a lot of accessibility.

Previously, we used to go to the market to buy small or large products, but in today’s era, since the advent of the Internet, we order all products online. You must have purchased from this great Amazon shopping website at one time or another. That’s why a question must have come to your mind that we have Amazon kaha ki company hai.

Friends, let me tell you, the whole world is shopping on Amazon and whatever products you order from this website, the warranty or guarantee is also given to you. So let’s get acquainted with the largest e-commerce site Amazon kaha ki hai company And who owns amazon know about.

Amazon kaha ki hai company.

Come on friends, you know us where Amazon is the company. Before knowing this, we get to know some basic information about Amazon, so that later we can understand the information about Amazon.


Company Name Amazon.
Full name cadabre, 1994-95.
Release date July 5, 1994
founded by Jeff Boges.
Amazon product e-commerce, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, digital streaming.
Headquarter Seattle Washington United States
service area Worldwide.
number of employees 1,468,000

Where is the Amazon company? Amazon America is a Washington-based company. amazon one American multinational technology company East. Due to being the largest shopping platform, millions of products are available here, as well as many kinds of services. for example, e-commerce digital streaming artificial intelligence और e-commerce such services are available. At present, Amazon has become the most valuable brand in the world.

Amazon’s name comes from the world’s largest information technology company, which includes There is Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon.

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Who owns Amazon?Amazon kaha ki hai company

The name of the owner of the largest shopping platform in the world, Jeff Boges, East. Amazon President Jeff Bozes is on the list of the richest people in the world. Jeff Boges is the second richest man after Alan Maas. He raised awareness of online shopping by launching

At Amazon you can order any item sitting at home and order it at home, thanks to this you do not have to face the crowds in the market. Here you can get good quality products at affordable prices.

The hard work of Jeff Boges has made Amazon the largest e-commerce site in the world today. When he started Amazon, he first sold this whole book on Amazon. Since then, he slowly started selling many kinds of products on Amazon. At first, there were very few men to work with her.

After selling the books, he thought that if other products were to be sold on Amazon as well, then he electronics, software, video games, clothing From the same to children’s toys i.e. all used items started selling them all on Amazon. This work was done a bit slowly but all the products are available on Amazon today and we can buy them easily.

Amazon owner Jeff Bozes originally named Amazon askdebra.comThought about keeping it, but later didn’t keep Amazon. Amazon name before corpse But people were not able to pronounce this name correctly, that’s why it was named Amazon correctly.

In today’s era, everyone has a smartphone and people love to read books online. Considering this, Amazon has given an alternative to Amazon Kindle. Where you can go to read the book online by downloading it.

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Which country’s company is Amazon?

Above I mentioned that Amazon is an American company based in Washington, USA. Jeff Boges Amazon Company was founded in Bellevue Washington. This company provides its services to the whole world even living in America and this is the most important thing even us Amazon is a foreign company.

Today in our India Amazon also offers its services to people and if we talk about its head office then it has 5 head offices in India which are in Bangalore, Chennai Pune, Hyderabad, Mumbai.

When did the Amazon company come to India?

Amazon company first came to India in February 2012. When Amazon first entered India, Amazon had 17 years of experience in global trade.

Amazon has invested a lot of rupees in India, which is not much.

Year Rupees.
2018-19 2,600 crores.
2017-18 8,150 crore.
2016-17 2010 million rupees.
2015-16 7,463 crores.

How did Amazon get started?

If we talk about the establishment of Amazon, on July 5, 1994, in the United States, in Washington, and in 1997, this Amazon company became completely public among the people. Jeff Boges started this business from his garage and also built this business from there. The hard work and dedication of Jeff Boges has made him a great industrialist and billionaire today.

I told you that at the beginning of Amazon, books were sold there, but later they gradually started to sell music and videos online, then slowly the years passed and they also added other elements such as – video games, electronics, software, toys He also added the items used in the house on Amazon.

Then time passed and when 2002 arrived, it made webseries, you must have seen webseries at the time of today. He also launched a web series on Amazon in 2002. Through the web series, Amazon became very popular among people and after two thousand gold, the company promoted AWS Portfolio.

Now when 2012 came, he entered the Indian markets in 2012, after which he ran the inventory management business himself, for this he bought the Kiva system. Then 2017 came and in 2017 he bought the Whole Foods Market supermarket chain.

Who is the CEO of Amazon?

So now we are talking about who is the founder of the largest e-commerce company Amazon, at the moment the CEO of Amazon is Jeff Bezos. After Jeff Bezos CEO Andy Jassy are the creators. Ever since it was announced by Jeff Bezos that Amazon CEO will now become Andy Jassy, ​​people have been searching the internet a lot to find out more about them.

Previously, Andy Joshi was Marketing Manager of Amazon around 1997, he did a great job on Amazon with great honesty and hard work, because of which Jeff Bezos wants to make him the CEO of Amazon at present. Andy Jassy promoted the Amazon Amazon web series and other types of services.

If we talk about the education of Andy Jassy then he completed his education from Howard College and if we talk about his birth then he was born on February 13, 1968, from the college he graduated from he also doing his MBA.

Many of you want to know where is amazon app so this amazon app is american app and this app is made by american company. If you don’t want to use Amazon’s app, i.e. you don’t want to buy through Amazon’s app, you can go to its official website and shop from the.

Headquarters of Amazon.

Let us know where the head office of Amazon is located, so at present, the head office of Amazon is present in Seattle Washington, USA. Let me tell you, Jeff Bezos, I gave my company headquarters to Seattle Washington because there were two reasons for that,

The first reason was that there were many technology-related companies where she established her headquarters, through which they got a very talented software engineer. And the second reason was that in the city where he established his headquarters, there were book distribution centers, due to their presence, he used to order any book according to his.

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How Much Does an Amazon Owner Earn?

If we talk about Jeff Bezos income, then almost US$18,060 million, Its company value is about US$1.8 trillion. Jeff Bezos that if we talk about daily earnings, then his daily earnings are US$215 million.

Jeff Bezos was born on January 12, 1964 and now talking about his age, his total age is almost over 57 years old. Its length is 1.7 meters. He completed his studies at Princeton University from 1982 to 1986.

How is the product on Amazon.

Let’s see it today Amazon But you can see how many types of items are available, below I have given a list.

  • Good detail.
  • Prime from Amazon.
  • consumer electronics.
  • digital content.
  • Amazon workshop.
  • Amazon Games Studio.
  • Amazon video.
  • direct video.
  • delivery.
  • Races.
  • amazon reader
  • Amazon company.
  • Amazon web series.
  • Retail store.
  • Amazon home service.
  • Amazon Cash Recharge.

Where is the Amazon company – video.


So below we see what are some questions and answers from Amazon.

Q. What country is Amazon from?

Amazon America is a Washington-based company. Amazon is an American multinational technology company.

Q. Where is Amazon’s headquarters?

Amazon’s headquarters are located in Seattle, Washington, USA.

Q. Why is Amazon famous?

Amazon is a company that is an online retailer, a manufacturer of electronic service providers, books and web series and here the essential products that are daily available are all available and it is the shopping website.


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