Aaron Rodgers impersonates Davante Adams, joking with the defense after jovial first practice at Green Bay Packers training camp

Aaron Rodgers impersonates Davante Adams, joking with the defense after jovial first practice at Green Bay Packers training camp

Green Bay, Wis. –When Aaron Rodgers reported from training camp about a year ago, he aired many of his complaints with the Green Bay Packers in a 32-minute press conference.

The two-time reigning MVP’s mood was different on Wednesday after the first practice of this year’s camp.

Rodgers poked fun at former teammate DeVante Adams, joked the Packers are now a defensive team without their star receiver, said he was playing the game out of ‘love’ and shared an anecdote that illustrates this . How things have changed in the organization.

Adams, who was traded to the Las Vegas Raiders in March at his request, recently discussed his transition from Rodgers to quarterback Derek Carr, telling CBS Sports, “Any time you’re a Hall of Fame quarterback. fame in the Hall of Fame. Will become famous…a slight adjustment.”

So when Rodgers was asked if Alan Lazard could replace Adams as the Packers’ No. 1 receiver, he echoed Adams’ recent comments.


I mean it’s always hard to go from Hall of Famer to Hall of Famer,” Rodgers said before waiting for the laughs to die down. “From Davante to Allen, it’s going to be a transition, but it’s capable of much.”

Rodgers also joked that without Adams “we’re now a defensive team,” but he made sure to clarify that his comments were verbal.

“I really like our defense on paper,” Rodgers said, referring to a unit that finished ninth last season and used the team’s two first-round picks on defensive end Deontay White and Quay Walker. . “But the offense always wins the game, and we have to be skilled offensively.”

Rodgers was quick to point out the efficiency of the attack Wednesday during 90 minutes of training without pads. He completed several assists for Lazard during his tenure with the team, one of which looked like Antonio Freeman’s “Monday Night Miracle” catch in 2000.

“I realized coming into camp, to be honest, we were going to kick our ass almost every day because our defense is talented, deep and athletic,” Rodgers said. “It’s one of the best defenses we have on paper, but I told these guys, ‘1-0 attack.'”

Rodgers, who only trained twice in the entire off-season schedule, looked as sharp as ever. He’s not expected to play in any pre-season games so his training rep is just so he has to be ready for the season so he doesn’t injure his arm.

“I think that’s something we always watch with all quarterbacks, just the number of pitches they make,” Packers coach Matt Lafleur said. “Of course, we did it last year, and we will follow the same protocol as in the past.”

Rodgers returned for his 18th season in the NFL (15th as a starter) with a three-year, $150 million contract extension, which he signed in March and four MVPs under his belt, including the last two seasons. When asked why he was still performing, he replied, “Love, maybe.”

“I just tap into the love of the game, the love of my teammates,” he said. “That’s what wakes me up in the morning, getting out of here, loving what I’m doing and being grateful for this opportunity. Because at some point the ride is going to end. So every step of the way. enjoy

“Obviously we want to win a Super Bowl, and personal praise is great. But I think it’s really important to be in the moment, especially for an older player, because every moment is a little bit more special. That arrived.”

Rogers also said he has seen significant changes in organizations over the past year as he has expressed his displeasure. He said there was more personal contact from top to bottom and gave an example of how it used to be.

“There are funny – not funny, really – stories about Kenny Clarke the day he came to bite and someone thought he was a different guy who was about to get cut, and they told him, ‘Get your playbook and go upstairs,'” Rodgers said. “And Kenny’s like, ‘What? I was the first-round pick. Am I cut? This is my third year.

“You know, things like that can’t happen in a well-run organization because relationships are the most important thing in this game. It’s the chemistry – the chemistry that drives a team, and that fuels the difference in these moments of crisis where the game is at stake. And it starts at the top.”

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