Renting accommodation in Mexico: everything you need to know

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The rental accommodation in mexico It is a very interesting option for those looking to acquire a home. We’re automated to think about savings and the possibility of a mortgage, but did you know there’s another way to do it?

Leasing or housing leasing is a mercantile figure little known to some. In Mexico, it is governed by the General Law on Securities and Credit Operations.

Surely this subject interests you and that is why we have prepared this material in Buscando Casa that explains it to you.

Why is real estate leasing interesting?

Financial leasing is nothing more than the rental of real estate with the option to buy. This means that you can inhabit the property in the traditional way. The difference is that the contract establishes a period when at the end you can pay the difference of the total cost of the property; previously established.

What advantage does it have? That feeling that you’re throwing money at empty bags on someone else’s property goes away with leasing. If your objective is to invest in a house or an apartment, this option favors you.

To be clear, what you pay monthly for the right to use the property is deducted from the total established for the sale.

So far, you can notice that real estate leasing in Mexico is quite a flexible financial instrument.

With a pure lease or a residential lease, you don’t need to save a lot of money for the down payment, like you do with a mortgage.

Outraged, you are not obligated to purchase the property at the end of the contract term. As a tenant, you can decide to abandon it instead of liquidating the property; Another option is to extend the duration to continue your temporary occupation. Case where you pay lower rent, as agreed between the parties.


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Compared to a mortgage loan, the difference with residential leasing in Mexico is that you do not pay an advance deposit and that you pay the total amount of the property in installments. With this type of lease, you do not need to spend a large amount of money and we will explain it to you later.

Residential leasing in Mexico serves the residential, commercial, corporate, industrial and land sub-sector; it is therefore not limited only to housing.

You can benefit from housing leasing as a natural or legal person, since it is not only used for housing but also for premises and land.

It should be noted that this resource has no leverage, that is to say, it does not generate debt as is the case with a mortgage loan. Moreover, it turns out advantageous for those without a credit history or have no down payment.

Indeed, the self-employed or retirees are part of this group, who must meet many requirements with financial institutions to access a mortgage loan.

Steps to acquire a property with this modality

Agree monthly fees with the landlord

When the owner of the property proposes the modality of residential rental in Mexico, it is important that they agree on the duration and the amount. The period during which you will pay the rent and the amount taken as a monthly payment.

The amount of the rental fee is usually higher than the traditional form, since the right to use the property is intended to be acquired at the end of the established period.

For this, the conditions are established in the contract and the duration, which can range from a minimum of one year to a maximum of 10. In fact there are two contracts, since there is the lease and the sale; where the intention to acquire is manifested.

Calculate the difference to pay at the end of the contract

When the contract is ready, you must be clear with the owner on the real price of the property; This way you will know the difference between the amount paid and the rest to be paid. This amount, once established, cannot be modified under any circumstances.

This will allow you to be notified and If you decide to buy, you can apply for financing.

Protect real estate

Whether you decide to buy the property or deliver it at the end of the lease, you must respect the rules of use and the obligations incumbent on you as a tenant.

Leasing in Mexico vs Mortgage

Remember that until you state your intention to buy, the property is not yours. Fact for which, you cannot make changes or modifications at ease during the term of the lease.

End of lease

When you decide to rent, you sign a contract which stipulates the duration of the rental and the details of the costs and interest. If you decide to buy the property, you must finalize the lease and start the other for sale, where you go through the deed procedures and payment of the remaining amount.

Carry out due legal process

To carry out all this legal procedure, you must be very well informed, in order to avoid complications. It is advisable to have the advice of a real estate professional or the services of a mortgage broker.

Keep in mind that in these steps the intervention of a notary public is always essential to accompany the operation.


A mortgage has many advantages and many options are offered by public and private entities. However, today you met another way to acquire real estate without too many requirements.

Analyze your personal finances and rely on real estate experts to make the best decision. Financial leasing is an instrument that allows you to lease with the option, but not the obligation, to acquire the asset. So you will have time to decide.

This plan does not require a down payment and although the fees are usually higher, is more flexible to achieve the purchase goal at the end of the rental period. At Buscando Casa we can advise you with our expert agents.

If you are looking for a house or apartment to live in and the residential rental option suits you, contact us via WhatsApp 81 2030 3000 or call 81 2682 0594.

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