Full LLB in Hindi – Do LLB like this become a lawyer.

Hello friends, in today’s post we are going to talk about Full LLB in Hindi on. if you too LLB ka full form If you don’t know then in today’s post we will LLB ka full form in hindi I am going to say this so that you know a lot about LLB, so read our article from start to finish.

At the moment, we young people take our careers very seriously and think a lot. Do you know why this happens because we don’t get the knowledge at the right time, for some reason we leave a lot of stuff like this and later regret it. At present, any student after passing the 10th thinks what we need to do.

Now, there are many students who are doing the 10th class but themselves do not know what to do next, so let us tell you that this study will not be of any use to them. At present there is a lot of competition everywhere whether it is education or employment, so competition is increasing everywhere, so students studying should decide in advance what we should do in the future.

When we students are doing 12th then we have many dreams in our mind we want to go ahead and join the army or become a policeman or work in any other government position then we have a lot of those dreams when we finish 12th. do it. There are many of these students who want to study law after 12th grade, so my friends, to study anything, we should know what we should study next.

If you want to study law and you don’t know what courses we should study, then in today’s post we are going to tell you the same. Then we will see in the post what are the LLB courses and how you can do LLB, you can study law with the help of LLB.

Any student who wants to take an LLB course, it will be very good for him. Because after doing LLB, you will see many career options. Friends, you can become a government lawyer by doing LLB, so in today’s post we will tell you what is LLB, what is the full form of LLB and also if you have completed 12th, we will also tell you how to do LLB after the 12th?

Full LLB form.

Friends, before going further on LLB, let us first know what is the complete form of LLB.

LLB full form in Hindi – The full form of LLB is Legum Baccalaureus, it is a Latin word but most people know the full LLB form in English as Bachelor of Laws. The full form of LLB in Hindi is Bachelor of Laws.

If we talk about the beginning of LLB, then it was started in England and gradually this degree became very popular in Japan as well, back then this degree was only and only for arts students. But times have changed and this course has become very popular and this subject has become the favorite subject of students, after which students of any stream can study this course, such a rule has been put in place.

Full LLB form in Hindi.

The full form of LLB is Legum Baccalaureus (Bachelor of Law) in Hindi and is called Bachelor of Law in English. This word was taken from the Latin language and most people know LLB as Bachelor of Laws.

There are more complete forms of LLB available, people don’t know much about it, but if you are an LLB student you should definitely pay attention. So even though you know what the full form of LLB is, now we know what LLB is and how you can do LLB.

LLB other full form in Hindi.

As I just told you above that if you are studying an LLB then you must be well aware of it you must know all the complete forms of LLB it will be of great benefit to you so let us see that there are many other complete forms of LLB.

  • Bachelor’s degree in legislative law.
  • Bachelor of Latin Law
  • Bachelor of Liberal Bass.

There are 3 complete forms of Total LLB which you can read above and if you are studying for LLB remember these three complete forms in your mind.

What is the LLB?Full LLB in Hindi - Do LLB like this become a lawyer.

Friends, if you want to study law, you must do LLB. Let us tell you that the LLB course is an undergraduate degree i.e. it is an undergraduate course. If you want to have maximum knowledge of the law, you absolutely must study the LLB. You can also set up your career in this field by studying it.

So if you want to study law, this is the most important LLB course and you must read it. Not only can one become a lawyer by studying LLB, but other things can also be done apart from these. Now, if you are preparing for any field or job, you must prepare well for it, likewise if you want to study LLB i.e. Law, you will have to study for it very vigorously. This degree is considered a very professional degree in this field.

read this too :-

Qualifications to make LLB.

Now let’s talk about the qualifications you should have to do LLB. If we study something, we must have important qualifications before studying, so let’s see what kind of qualifications we should have to do LLB.

Friends, to do LLB, you must have at least 50% grades in 12th. If you have at least 50% marks in 12th grade, you can easily be admitted to LLB. You can take this course even when you can easily take this course even after doing BA, BCom, BSc or BCA.

On the other hand, admission can only be taken in some government colleges based on the merit list and there are many colleges where you can take an LLB course without even appearing on the merit list.

Age limit for doing LLB.

My friends, we also have an age limit to complete any government job or any course. The course is 5 years old and if you want to take a 5 year course or want to be admitted to it, your age must be between 18 and 23 years old.

And similarly if you want to take a 3 year course then your age should be between 30 and if you are 30 you can easily gain admission into LLB and take a 3 year course.

How to do LLB after 12.

Friends, if you have completed 12th or are about to complete 12th and you have information about it, then you must be wondering how can we do LLB. If you want to take the LLB course, you have two options.

Friends, if you are in tenth class and want to take this course after tenth and want to pursue a career in this field, you can choose an art subject after 12th. As I said, if you want to complete LLB course after 12th, you must at least pass 12th with 50% marks, then only you can complete LLB course. And there are some such universities in India where you are allowed to admit based on merit list.

LLB entrance exam.

If you want us to be a good professional and you want to take the LLB course of a very popular college or university, then to do this you have to pass an entrance exam and you must also pass this exam. In the LLB entrance exam, you have to pass exams like CLAT, LSAT, AILET and after taking this exam you will also have to pass it.

Let’s see what is the full name of the exam with names like CLAT, LSAT, AILET.


First we talk about the full form of the LSAT, then its full form is the Law School Admission Test, this exam is conducted on behalf of the Law School Admissions Board. This exam is held twice a year, this exam is held to admit law schools in countries like Canada, Australia, and the United States.


Now let’s talk about the full form of the CLAT, its full form is the common law admission test. This examination is organized by the National University of Law. In this course, you can take courses such as ba LLB, BBA LLB, BSC LLB, LLM LLB, etc.


Let’s talk about what is the full form of the AILET exam, its full form is all Indian law entrance test. This exam is organized by National Law University Delhi and if you want to do LLB, LLM, PhD then you have to pass this exam first.

LLB courses.

Now I have given you so much information about LLB, now we are talking about how many courses there are in LLB and which courses you can take in this field, you know that LLB is a study of law and that’s is very This is an important subject, there are many courses, among which you can take any course according to your wish.

1. Criminal law.
2. Company law
3. patent attorney
4. Cyber ​​law
5. Family law
6. Income Tax Act
7. Banking law

So I said so many courses above, you can take this course according to you, you can study whatever you like.

Law degree fees.

Friends, you can take LLB course in both government college and private college and talk about their fees, it is different in government and private. These fees also depend on these things, the type of facilities that are offered to you in the college you are admitted to, so for this reason the fees may be different in private and public colleges.

If you want to get admitted in a college, you must before that take information about it i.e. the fees and facilities you will get in that college, only know them after you get admitted.

If we talk we all know that government colleges don’t charge much fees you will get less fees in government colleges and likewise if your income is lower if your income is lower you can also enjoy scholarship . If we talk about average fees, about 30,000-200,000 can be charged.

job after doing LLB.

When we students complete any field or any course, at that time we think about what kind of job we can get after completing the course. Friends when you complete LLB i.e. you complete LLB course then you can get many kind of jobs according to your qualification and to get this job you need to apply for it first and succeed. .

Let’s see how many types of jobs you are likely to get when you complete the LLB course.

  1. Lawyer – Lawyer.
  2. Teacher/Professor – College of Teachers/
  3. University.
  4. Scientific Advisor
  5. Notary – Notary.
  6. legal officer
  7. Junior Lowier
  8. Associate in law
  9. paralegal
  10. District and session judge
  11. Jural advisor

LLB sales.

as you know llb, If one is studying law then that is why it is a very good and great subject and in this you can see different types of courses and you will get the job according to your qualification , you will also get a salary based on that. .

If you work in a government office, you can get a salary of around 2-600 thousand per year.


So my friends, we hope that our article today Full LLB in Hindi You must have liked it and you must know a lot with the help of this article. If you understood well, share this message with your friends, they also know what is the full form of LLB and if you have any question, you can ask it in the comment, I will try to answer it immediately. .

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