Varnamala Hindi Chart with Pictures

Varnamala Hindi Chart with Images: Hello students, today we are going to read about Hindi alphabet chart in this article. This is an important Hindi grammar topic that every student must know.

Hindi Varnamala Chart for Kids – Hindi Alphabet Chart

This worksheet will help your kids learn the Hindi alphabet.

1. What is the alphabet?

  • An ordered group of letters is called an alphabet.
  • Based on pronunciation and usage, there are two types of Hindi alphabet:
    1. vocal
    2. Kitchen

2. What is a vowel?

  • Letters pronounced independently without the help of any other letter are called vowels.
  • There are 11 vowels in Hindi – a, aa, e, e, u, oo, ri, a, aa, o, au.
    • Anusara – Years
    • Visarga-A:
    • Anusara and Visarga are also called Ayogvaha.
  • Total number of short vowels = 4 (a, i, u, ri)
  • Total number of long vowels = 7 (aa, e, oo, a, ae, o, au)
A Come etc E you he r a still Oh!
Oh a Oh
not the vowels

3. What is a kitchen?

  • syllables Kitchen are called.
  • There are 41 consonants in Hindi.
K b g D ? F is h I
I you e D e not then e The
e neither Fifth note of the musical scale F B b I there and
L And sh s S h Q tr I
hindi varnamala vyanjanhindi varnamala vyanjan

Hindi Varnamala Images

Varnamala hindi chartVarnamala hindi chart

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