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Here we are going to share some very important information about whatsapp where we will say we are going to try our best to give all the information about how to make money by whatsapp in a good way in this article.

One thing we all know is that today WhatsApp app is most used and one out of every two people in India has a WhatsApp account so the number of people using WhatsApp is in crores.

In such a situation, you can also enjoy many kinds of benefits through WhatsApp because if you have a large number of users in one platform, you can easily take advantage of them, only you need to know the right path.

Here we will say How to make money with whatsapp We are going to give more information about it so that you too can start making money through WhatsApp and we are going to tell you about all the easy ways here.

When you are planning to make money from your cell phone while sitting at home, it is not that difficult as there are many types of options available on the internet from which you can start making good money .

but here we are How to make money with whatsapp Before you start giving information on this subject, it is also important to know that you need information on other similar subjects, our website is very useful.

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How to make money with whatsapp

Let us here one by one we are going to talk about all the ways you can start earning big money from WhatsApp and also we will tell you how to use these methods.


The easiest way to earn money through whatsapp messaging app is you can start selling whatsapp groups because whatsapp groups are very helpful and if they have good members then their money can also be very raised. .

It should be kept in mind that all WhatsApp group members must be unique and if someone is fraudulent, no one will like to take your WhatsApp group, that’s why there should be exactly the right members.

Where you can add 240 members to WhatsApp group and if all of them are unique, everyone will want to buy your WhatsApp group and you can sell it to anyone at a very good price.

Anyway, we all know that there is no need to spend money to create a whatsapp group, nor to pay money to use whatsapp future.


The second most popular way is that you can start selling your own product on WhatsApp group, it is a kind of e-commerce business which is becoming more and more.

At present, apart from all major trading companies, most of its business is done on social media and this makes it very easy to sell products on social media.

For this, you can join the group of WhatsApp and start selling your product there because your product can be delivered to a large number of people in the group in less time.

Apart from this, you don’t have to spend any money to advertise in the WhatsApp group and you can also get your product promoted absolutely free.

If you use the method in the right way for two to three months, you will be able to sell a lot of products and can also make a very good profit from it.

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in this post we How to make money with whatsapp However, if any important information is needed on this topic, you can easily get that information through the comment below this article.

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