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Present Indefinite: In this article today, we are going to tell you about the present simple. Which is also known as present indefinite. Let us know the definition, examples, rules of present simple.

simple present tense (present indefinite )

A form of a verb in which the action happens to be in the present tense is called the present simple. In other words, the verb that takes place in the present is called the simple present tense verb. In this, four types of sentences are made, which are as follows –

  • single sentence
  • negative sentence
  • Interrogative sentence
  • Negative interrogative sentences

such as;-

  • The mother loves her child.
  • Ram does not cycle home.
  • Do you make noise in class?
  • Dogs watch strangers.
  • Does your sister know how to cook?

As you can see from the sentences above, te hai, te hai, ta hai, etc. are used at the end of these sentences.

Identity – Ta Hai, Tee Hai, Te Hai, etc.

simple sentences

Penalty rule – Is/am/are+S+v1+O+other

He is reading a book.
He is reading a book.

I do my job
I do my job.

I love children.
I love children.

You all play football.
You play football.

He goes to the temple every day.
He goes to the temple every day.

negative sentence

It means making sentences in negativity where “no” is used, this is called a negative sentence.

penalty rule S+is/am/are+not+v1+s/es+O

For instance ….

I don’t read a book.
I don’t read the book.

I am not a player.
I am not a player.

Shyam does not write letters.
Shyam does not write a letter.

You are not participating in the game.
You are not part of the drama.

She does not go to the market.
She does not go to the market.

Interrogative sentences

These sentences are where the interrogative is used, this means that the sentence itself begins with a question.

Penalty rule – Is/am/are+S+v1+O+other

For instance…

am i a gamer
Am I a player?

Am I a teacher?
Am I a teacher?

Do you like Radha?
Do you like Radha?

Did your father teach you?
Did your father teach you?

Do you go to temple?
Do you go to temple ?

Negative interrogative sentence

These sentences are where the question as well as the no are used.

Phrase Rule – Question words + do/do + s + not + verb I + O + other word

For instance :-

Why is the baby not drinking milk?
Why does a child not drink milk?

Why doesn’t your cow eat grass?
Why doesn’t your cow eat grass?

What do you think
What do you think?

Which do you prefer tea or coffee?
Which do you prefer, tea or coffee?

What does that mean?
What does it mean?


In today’s article, we have learned the definition, examples and rules of present indefinite in detail, we hope you liked this article.

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