MPIN kya hota hai – This is how MPIN is formed. read all the details

hi guys do you want to know mpin kya hota hai so today’s article What is MPIN By reading this article, you will know a lot about MPIN and what are its features and what is the specialty, you will be able to know very closely about all these things, so read this post completely.

India today has become very digital and people of our India now love to live digitally. The main reason why our India is going digital is that smartphone is present in every house of our India and everyone is very much aware of this mobile phone. At present, if we want to do any job then with the help of mobile we can do it immediately.

This smartphone helps us humans a lot. Since the arrival of Jio in our India, the number of mobile phone users has increased a lot, so many online businesses have opened up from which people are getting lots of benefits. To enjoy any place it is very important for us to have money, likewise to enjoy the mobile it is necessary to have money in your mobile phone.

We don’t like to go to the market at present because if we go to the market to buy goods then instead of taking 1 minute it takes 5 minutes to avoid wasting that time we shop online via mobile phone. And the money that is earned by shopping, we only give it away online.

Cashless transactions have become very popular since the days of the Internet. Well, you know what is called cashless transaction?… In cashless transaction, you don’t need to keep cash but you need to pay money through any electronic device or, if you say, through things like online banking, it’s called a cashless transaction. .

Friends, to do cashless transaction or online transaction, we need a pin, without this pin, we can on line Unable to complete the transaction and the name of this PIN is MPIN. so let’s know MPIN kya hota hai.

MPIN kya hota hai.

MPIN का full form – Mobile banking is a personal identification number If we What is MPIN If you see its meaning in Hindi thenmobile bank personal identification number,, It happens. We need MPIN when we make online payment from our smartphone. The MPIN mobile phone is designed to protect money. It works like a password whose number is 4 or 6.

You must have used a bank card. To withdraw money from an ATM, for the security of money in an ATM, we need a 4 or 6 digit PIN code. It is a secret code, similar to the MPIN, although it is completely different from the PIN code of a bank card.

The way the PIN code is entered after the ATM is installed in the ATM and then after the money is withdrawn from the ATM, the MPIN works the same way. MPIN is used only when we make any type of online payment from our smartphone and then we are asked for MPIN at that time.

This pin security is enforced by keeping a mean eye, this code should not be shared with anyone. If someone comes to know this secret code, your account may be erased, so be careful and do not share your MPIN with anyone.

We get this code when we avail mobile banking services in our smartphone. This code is designed to protect mobile banking, without this code you cannot make any payment from your mobile phone, unless you enter this secret code you will not get paid. Let us tell you where and how you can get this code.

MPIN ka matalab kya hota hai.What is MPIN

Friends, I just told you above that the meaning of MPIN is – Mobile Banking Personal Identification Number, if we see the meaning of MPIN in Hindi then Mobile Banking Personal Identification Number is. So you must know that we must use this MPIN when we carry out any type of financial transaction with our mobile phone.

You might think that MPIN is the same as ATM, but this MPIN is completely different from ATM’s PIN, i.e. there is a lot of difference between these two pins. Whether in the MPIN or the ATM card PIN, these two PINs are very sensitive code codes and we must not share this code with anyone.

In the same way that we need to enter the secret code to withdraw money from the ATM, we also need a PIN code when opening mobile banking or any other online payment application on our smartphone or during any other type of online transaction.

Why is the MPIN required?

Friends, you have read MPIN above, now we see what MPIN is for, as I told you above, MPIN was created keeping an eye on mobile banking security, so let’s see the security of MPIN . are there?

For the safety –

The mobile banking application is only accessible from the number from which you carry out mobile banking transactions. To open mobile banking on your mobile phone, you will need the USSD code, using which you can easily open mobile banking on your mobile phone.

This is necessary because at present we are taking full advantage of online banking services, in such a situation there are many people who can cheat with you, this must be avoided.

When do I get the MPIN?

You must be thinking that when done for online banking security in our smartphone, then our smartphone will also have MPIN? So let me tell you you won’t get this MPIN just like that, you will get this MPIN when you create an account on any online banking or online payment app, like – paytm, phone pay, google pay

This pin can be 4 or 6 digits. When you enter this PIN code, you will then be able to use the UPI mobile application.

Why is the MPIN necessary?

Why is MPIN necessary for us because if we are transferring money from our cell phone through online banking then the money should not go here and there or no one should do any fraud, to avoid this, we receive the MPIN in a certain way. A password. You will get this code only when you go to the bank and register for mobile banking and then you will receive this four digit MPIN or again.

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Where is MPIN used?

We just told you about mobile banking, now we tell you where MPIN is used, let’s see.

1. Mobile banking.

Today there are many banks present in our India and this bank has also given the option of a mobile app to its users to provide better facilities to their customers so that they can perform monetary transactions while staying at home. SBI’s mobile banking app is yono SBI, as well as many banks are there, so they have different apps.

To enjoy the application of such a bank, you need to create an account here, after which the bank gives you the MPIN and brings you this MPIN so that there is no fraud with you. With this, you can check your bank balance instantly and transfer whenever and wherever you want with the help of just one mpin.

2. UPI Apps.

You must have heard the name of UPI, if you want to know more about UPI, then I have already written an article about UPI Full Form in Hindi, you can read it. By using UPI apps, you can enjoy many facilities at home. If you use UPI, you don’t need to keep money in your pocket, you can do a lot of things using your UPI app.

With your UPI app you can do many things like DTH mobile recharge, electricity recharge, bill recharge and you need an MPIN to do these things. Whenever you make a payment at any location you will be asked for the MPIN and when you enter the MPIN your payment will be successful.

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Benefits of MPIN.

So, you know where MPIN is used and by reading this article you must have understood what is the importance of MPIN, let us tell you that if you have MPIN then what are the benefits you can get from it.

  • MPIN is a 4 or 6 digit password used to protect your payment when doing mobile banking.
  • MPIN is a 4 or 6 digit number, it can be customized by the user via USSD or UPI on their mobile phone.
  • Payment cannot be made from your mobile phone without MPIN. MPIN protects you against money being stolen from your account even if your mobile phone is lost somewhere and you have money in your account.
  • Those interested in obtaining the MPIN can go to their bank and obtain the MPIN.

MPIN kya hota hai – video.

You can also watch the video to understand what MPIN is and watch the video below to know all the details.

FAQs. What is MPIN?

Come, you will have some questions in your mind about them, we give you the answers to these questions below.

Q. What is a 4-digit PM?…

The MPIN is made up of 4 or 6 digits. This is accessible to the account holder when registering for Mobile Banking. For the security of mobile banking, users are given MPIN without this MPIN payment can be made through mobile banking.

Q. What does MPIN stand for?

The full form of MPIN is Mobile Banking Personal Identification Number, if we see the meaning of MPIN in Hindi, it is Mobile Banking Personal Identification Number.

Q. Where is my bank card?…

There is no PM in the ATM card. There is also a secret code for ATM card security which is 4 digits. The MPIN is completely different from the ATM card PIN. MPIN is used when we make a transaction or check our balance, then we need MPIN.


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