maritime lawyer salary

Did you know the maritime lawyers? Let us today, how much is the salary of maritime lawyers in India and the rest of the country, we will take a good information about it so that you can get a good knowledge,

maritime lawyer salary in india

India’s first Let us know about maritime lawyers, how much is their salary? Friends, the laws of India are of several types, according to which there are also many types of lawyers. Maritime has a different identity,

For your information, let me tell you Every maritime lawyer in India has a salary of 2 lakh to 4 lakh, my friends if we talk about the lawyer in USA then the salary is $6000 to $9000,

maritime lawyers salary near odisha

If you know Odisha state then there More importance is given to maritime lawyers and the salary of these people is also high, my friends. We don’t have much knowledge about maritime lawyers, I apologize for that.

I would say you must have understood a bit, so what do you guys have to say about the salary of maritime lawyers?

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