How to increase blog traffic?

Do you want to increase traffic to your blog post or website? Do you want to get continuous traffic on any post you write? Today in this article, after the blog post was published 10 ways to promote I will talk about

My friends, it doesn’t matter how much quality content you write on your website, but if there is no traffic, your gain cannot be made. If you are a new blogger, in this situation, it is a bit difficult to rank the blog on the first page of Google. In this situation, many bloggers still think that after publishing the blog post, how to promote it or how to promote it.

How do I promote a blog post after publishing it?

There are many ways to promote a blog, some of which are paid and some of which you can do for free, but for this you have to work a little hard. So, let’s know how to promote a blog post after publishing it?

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Publishing a blog post after doing it Promote How to do? How to increase traffic on the blog?

To promote your blog or to get more website traffic, you need to bring the website to where many users gather such as social media etc. Here we are talking about the way to promote the blog in turn.

1. Social networking sites Increase traffic by promoting the site

Social networking sites are a great tool to promote a blog or website. With this, you can easily promote your blog or website. Here are some important social networks that can help you promote your site.


Who does not know Facebook, it is clearly one of the most popular social sharing channels. You will be surprised to know that the total referral traffic sent to the website comes from Facebook. Most bloggers agree that sharing a post on Facebook after publishing is enough, but here’s a surefire strategy that can double or even triple traffic.

First, create a separate blog group for your visitors. And make blog-related conversations for your audience. The more members you have on your blog, the more traffic you can get after sharing the post in the group. You will find many such groups on facebook which will be linked to your blog, you can ask the members logged in that group to join your blog and with this you can increase your blog group and share a link. After that, your website can reach a lot of people.

Make sure to keep users engaged in the group. For this, you can write an attractive article related to your blog in the group, as well as use the link in the article, which will also drive traffic to the website.

In addition to your Facebook group Facebook page can also do. And keep sharing new posts with links regularly. Your page will also have followers, they will get a notification related to this page and they can read the entire post by clicking on this post link as per their wish.

TIP: Use a URL shortener to measure the traffic Facebook sends you.


Twitter is also a great source of website traffic that can be used to promote your latest blog posts. Here too, you can build engagement on your blog by regularly sharing the post. Here are some important Twitter techniques you can use.

  • Use hashtags related to your niche
  • Set up a Twitter card for more conversions.
  • Interact with visitors and your own followers. To do this, you can answer their questions or ask for their opinion via Poll.


Pinterest is a visual social bookmarking site that can be useful if you have nice graphics in your posts. Try promoting your Pins on Pinterest with the right hashtags. Pinterest Group Board is a great way to drive referral traffic to your posts. Choose the best board in your niche and share the media used on the website with Pinterest URL.


LinkedIn users like to read posts based on their interests. If you share your blog posts on these networks, you can get real targeted traffic. Use Linkedin groups to share your message with even more targeted visitors.

2. Newsletter subscriber To E-mail do and increase blog traffic

Email newsletter is the second best way to get website traffic. You can ask your audience to subscribe to receive new posts via email by placing an email subscription widget on your website. This will benefit the fact that only those who will actually like your website and your website article will subscribe to your website newsletter. If someone has subscribed to your newsletter, it means that they are really interested in the next article you will write on your blog. This increases the chances that your published blog post will be read and shared in its entirety. Use an autoresponder like MailChimp or Jetpack Email Subscription Widget to send a newsletter to your email subscribers.

3. Quora Increase traffic by promoting the blog via

Quora, Question and Answer Network is a great way to showcase your brand and permission. You can also use it to promote your blog posts. There are approximately 1.5 million monthly users on Quora. There are people who ask the questions they want and they also answer the questions they know. As an active Quora user, you can reply to topics related to your blog. To promote your blog, you can also enter the blog post URL with your reply, but keep in mind that if necessary, put the post URL here. Using too many URLs may result in your answer being deleted. Keep in mind that the main purpose of your response is to resolve user queries, not to get backlinks. Here are the ways to promote your blog or website through Quora.

What is QuoraWhat is Quora
What is Quora
  • Use the search bar to find questions related to your keywords.
  • On relevant threads, write a compelling response and enter a link to your blog.
  • Include multimedia if necessary.
  • Whenever you post a blog post, make it a habit to answer questions related to your topic on Quora.

4. Youtube Get traffic by promoting the blog via

Today, YouTube has also become a very popular video search engine. Almost all types of videos and tutorials are available here. If you want, you can also drive traffic to your website through YouTube and promote your website. YouTube is the second after Google has become a major search engine and in There are over 5 billion searches per month. You can make a video of tutorials or services related to your blog here and mention your blog or website in this video. If you have more YouTube subscribers, you can not only promote your website but also earn money from your YouTube channel. The only thing to note here is that you need to know a bit about video editing to drive traffic to your latest posts using YouTube. And with that, if you are recording your own video, you should also have a camera and a mic.

5. guest post Increase Tublog traffic by promoting the blog via

Guest Post means publishing your message on any other website. Suppose you want to promote your website, then you contact the owner of any other popular website and tell him that you want to guest post on his website. And in return, in this article, you will talk about your blog or you will put a link to your blog in this article. It will also give a backlink to your blog. If a visitor reaches the post you wrote and clicks the link you provided, they will go to your website, which will bring traffic to your website.

last word,

Today in this article, I explained how you can promote a blog post after publishing it or how to promote this post. If you use the supports mentioned above, you will surely succeed. If this post is useful to you, please share it with other people as well. And if you have any questions related to this article, let us know by commenting.

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