ola electric scooter review in hindi

Due to gasoline inflation, many bike companies have jumped in for the convenience of their customers. electric scooter Having lunch, friends have company too ola ola electric scooter Have a great scooter lunch on the tag, so let’s take a look at this bike’s review today and get all the info in Hindi,

ola electric scooter

For your information, let me tell you India first time at ola son electric scooter To August 15th I had lunch, this bike looked good and its price was also good that’s why seeing it in my market Jamalia India, friends hero electric scooter And electric scooter from the Bajadia Ola group,

friends if we electric scooter price Speaking of petrol bike It’s a bit pricey but Ola has scooter The price has been kept at the cheapest so everyone can enjoy the electric scooter, as much as this bike looks good, it’s just as fun to ride,

ola electric scooter exam
price in india 70,000-1,20000
company oh
Engine power 8500 watts
mileage 120 kilometers
engine mi ipm reader
weight 121 kilograms
top speed 90

Remark- ola electric scooter People who bought went to the same people and asked about the experience of this bike and we saw many responses from many people people say that ola customer service It’s not as good as it should be, so soon a problem occurs in this vehicle,

So that was people’s response regarding ola’s scooter friends this vehicle is made in a new way that’s why there is a problem why completely electric scooter It will take about 5 years to be as solid as a petrol bike because depending on the problem and depending on the people, it takes a while to improve anything,

let me say ola electric scooter like bean problem honda plus surrey electric scooter I was mentioned that if you have ola, you must feel like ola bike is no good, my friends, after the battery is charged, your bike gives mileage up to 115 km. dueling battery with,

ola electric scooter price

To avoid gasoline inflation, today everyone electric bike Like to buy, guys if we on that best of Ola electric scooter price If we talk about it, it will come from 70,000 to 1 lakh 20,000, depending on the model, the cost of this bike is indicated, but all the bikes of this company fall under this budget,

Friends, according to your own location, a little more money may be less, if we have another electric scooter price Let’s talk about honda, tvs, heroes, yamaha all these bikes price is almost same in india just now a new one electric vehicles Lunch is underway which will come in 46 thousand,

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The truth is that everyone electric scooter I will find the downside that it will definitely take some time to upgrade these vehicles as needed, in my opinion, Ola company is fine, you can buy this bike online or offline reservation You can enjoy driving while doing it. electric scooter price Comment

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