who is urfi javed

As of today, everyone is looking for Urfi Javed? Let me tell you that the record of wearing the most amazing, amazing and hottest dress in all India is in the name of this lady, in front of which even Bollywood is shy,

In reality who is urfi javed And why is he so famous? For your information, let me tell you that she is an Indian model and actress who debuted in a TV series in 2016. my durga Has been,

Apart from this, Urfi also appeared in Big Boss and during this show itself went viral in social media tell Urfi Javed age. 15-october-1997 I was born in Lucknow and she came to Mumbai to model,

Many people wish that urfi javed father Name of Javed Akhtar but there is no such thing, if we family Speaking of which, UFR is Javed and he has 4 Behen brothers, whose relationship is not far from Bollywood,

For your information, let me tell you urfi jave Famous for his love friends follow us for new stuff like this and you can also follow urfi javed instagram

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