How do I know if I can get a house with Infonavit?

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Are you planning to buy a Infonavit House? Buying your property with financing from this institution is one of the best alternatives for accessing a property paying affordable interest rates.

Don’t forget that the purchase of a property on credit represents a payment commitment that you must assume for several years. Therefore, you should avoid loans that can strain your finances.

Accessing an Infonavit mortgage is easier than you might imagine. In this article we tell you what are the requirements you must meet to obtain it.

How does Infonavit work to buy a new house?

The National Workers’ Housing Fund Institute (Infonavit) has various types of credits to buy a new house.

The types of loans offered by Infonavit are as follows:

Credit Infonavit

This is the traditional credit, intended not only for people interested in buying a new or second-hand home, but also for those who wish to build on their own land; repair, enlarge or improve a house; or pay a mortgage already contracted with another financial institution.

Infonavit Total

It is granted by Infonavit in co-participation with a financial entity in order to increase the amount of credit, which is the result of what Infonavit brings, plus the balance of your Housing sub-account and more than that granted by a bank.

He delimited

This credit is granted by Infonavit in collaboration with a financial entity to obtain a larger amount of credit. In other words, Infonavit will grant you a loan in collaboration with the bank of your choice and you will repay it according to the terms and amounts established in the contract. In this way, the amount they will give you is the sum of the credit that Infonavit grants you and the credit of the chosen financial institution.

Cofinavit Supplementary Income

Unlike Cofinavit, this credit allows you to check, before another financial organization, additional income such as tips or commissions to increase the amount of your credit. In other words, if you have a job where you are a salesman and you earn commissions, you will be able to verify this additional income with the financial institution of your choice in order to obtain a larger amount of credit.

Infonavit Support

It is a mortgage granted by a financial institution. Asking for it has the advantage that it is not necessary to conform to any Infonavit score; subsequent employer contributions will be used to amortize the credit; and that the balance of the housing sub-account remains the same payment guaranteein case you become unemployed.

Infonavit updates

The latest updates to acquiring an Infonavit home aim to provide the country’s working class with a more efficient financing option.

Want to know how to get a house with Infonavit? Here we bring you the reforms to make it easier for you to get your mortgage loan.

Infonavit’s most recent reforms are:

  • The creditor of the loan can be any holder who has deposits in his favor with the institute.
  • The applicant will have greater freedom of choice of financing and accommodation. In other words, the property can have the characteristics that best suit the buyer, whether it is a new home or a used one.
  • Credit plans include land acquisition, self-production of housing and the word credit.
  • Loans can be granted directly, without intermediaries.
  • The worker will have the possibility of accessing a second credit, provided that he has paid the first.
  • The worker will have a one-stop shop that will convert all credits granted in Times Minimum Wages (VSM) into pesos.

Conditions for obtaining my Infonavit credit

The requirements you must meet to apply for a loan with Infonavit son:

  • Subscription request
  • Home evaluation
  • Applicant’s birth certificate (original and copy)
  • Official identity document (INE) or valid passport
  • Seller’s bank statement with CLABE, less than 2 months old.

5 Infonavit tips for buying a house

One of the most important aspects when applying for any type of credit is that you have a stable working relationship. This will help you cope with monthly payments and allow you to be more serene.

In addition, there are a series of steps that we recommend you follow before applying for a loan with Infonavit.

If you have reached this part and are still wondering, how do I know if I can get a house from Infonavit? We clarify all your doubts with a list of five key steps you must follow before apply for your mortgage.

Check if you meet the requirements

Before taking the steps to access an Infonavit house, you must ensure that you have all the necessary requirements and that you comply with the conditions established by the government institution.

You are wondering: Before taking the steps to acquire your Infonavit home, make sure you have at least 1080 points and are entitled to them.

The most important thing is that you are a beneficiary of the IMSS and of course that you have at least 1080 points before Infonavit or more.

Before process the loan carefully examine the legal bases. Also, you must define what type of instrument you will request; to buy a home, for construction or renovation.

This way, you’ll make sure you know everything you need and it’ll be easier to know if you’re eligible to apply for credit.

Check if you meet the Infonavit prequalification

The Infonavit prequalification allows you to check via the internet if you are a creditor of a loan from the institute.

The main requirement for Prequalification of an Infonavit loan is to accumulate 1080 points. If you have the necessary score, you can start the process of the desired credit.

To reach the score, factors related to employers and the beneficiary’s credit information are taken into account:

  • Your credit report.
  • Employer Compliance.
  • Continuous working time (one year is no longer necessary).
  • your job stability

Register the Infonavit credit application

With all the documentation in hand, you must submit the credit application to the Infonavit office closest to you.

In case you hired a real estate developerthey can handle this procedure at no additional cost.

Have a good savings

Having your own roof means security and peace of mind for the family. It is also a commitment that requires responsibility, especially financially. Therefore, you need to have a good savings plan that allows you to cover the expenses.

Find out how you can buy a house with an Infonavit loan. Here you have all the requirements and updated data to better achieve it.

To keep your personal finances under control, you will need to budget and be disciplined. You can take it in writing on paper or in a cell phone recording.

In the budget, you must include both your income and your monthly expenses. The difference is what you can save. It doesn’t matter if you start small, the main thing will be perseverance and savings it will grow little by little.

When you least imagine it, you will have a solid savings that will allow you to assume all the expenses related to the credit. Among them, the installments to pay the loan and the amounts related to the title deed.

Consider that your salary will be reduced for a while, at least until you finish repaying the credit. The savings will be the support to cover your current expenses until necessary.

Gather all necessary documents

Once you have completed all documentation for your credit; Go to the Infonavit offices and formalize your request.

Thanks to the advantages offered by digital tools; You can also carry out certain procedures via the My Infonavit account portal.

Get expert advice

It’s no secret how complex it is to process a loan, so you may need some advice in this regard.

Having the advice of experts will make the whole process easier. The advantages of being accompanied by advisors are numerous. First of all, they know the real estate market and they can help you find the ideal home and according to your budget.

On the other hand, counselors have extensive experience in processing, paperwork, records, and deeds. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about this part of the process.


Buying a property is a great way to start building wealth for the future. In addition, it is an opportunity to offer your family the quality of life that they deserve and for which you have worked so hard.

Now that you know how the scheme works to access a Infonavit Housetake advantage of the credit option best suited to your needs.

Do you want to know more about real estate, houses for sale and prices? At Buscando Casa, we give you the advice you need to assess the best options and take the next step with your credit.

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