abhisekh banerjee talks to job seekers ssc west bengal: Beginnings in damage control! Talking to restless job seekers, recruitment-insurance

Abhishek Banerjee himself in damage control. SSC job aspirants have been continuing their 500-day sit-in movement on Mayo Road in Kolkata. Trinamool All India General Secretary spoke to a job seeker over the phone on Thursday. Yuvraj from Trinamool will hold a meeting tomorrow with the delegation of job seekers.

Tonka moved all the way here? Allegations that Pahar proves corruption in SSC recruitment are public. Maidan’s vocal opposition criticized the state government. Now the BJP is on the road to demand the overthrow of the Trinamool government. Leftists also took part in the demonstration. The Left Congress also claims that the state government led by Mamata Banerjee is deeply involved in corruption. For the past few days, the anti-government tone has been gradually rising. The opposition accused the government led by Mamata Banerjee of corruption.

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Part of the party think Trinamool’s image is hitting rock bottom. Abhishek Banerjee in this event. SSC job seekers continue their 500-day sit-in movement on Mayo Road in Kolkata. They allege they were deprived even though they were eligible. Their sit-in movement reached 501 days on Thursday. On that day, the general secretary of Trinamool for all India contacted the job seekers milling about on Moye Road.

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Abhishek Banerjee spoke on the phone to a young job seeker named Shahidullah. What exactly did Abhishek say? Shahidullah told Indian Express Bangla, “I was able to reach him via phone through a source. We have been suffering for a long time. He expressed his sympathy in this regard. our pain.

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Shahidullah also said, “He said, I will do whatever I can.” I’ll arrange your meeting soon, he said. We had been looking for a solution to the problem for a long time. The entire state was on hand to solve this problem. Abhishek Banerjee assured us that we are hopeful. I will be really happy the day I get our legitimate job. We hope. I can’t make a decision on the growing unrest until each of us’ nominations are confirmed. We want the nomination of everyone in the merit list of ninth-tenth and eleventh-twelfth.” It is known that there will be a job seekers’ delegation meeting with Abhishek Banerjee tomorrow.

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