Proverbs – definition and examples

Lokokti is such a word in Hindi language which denotes a complete sentence, it is used in social behavior and in general conversation. Do you know what a proverb is? And where and how proverbs are commonly used. If you don’t know the proverb then definitely read this article till the end because in this article we have told you about the proverb and its examples so that you can understand better.

Definition of proverb

The proverb is made up of two words-

folk + statement = proverb

Lok means world and ukti means declaration i.e. such declarations prevailing in Lok (society).

Those phrases or proverbs that fully explain their meaning are called proverbs. In common parlance, proverbs said in ancient times, the meaning of which can be clearly deciphered, these phrases are called proverbs.

Proverbs are generally used to make someone understand something. Thanks to proverbs, anything difficult can be explained by saying it in a simple way.

examples of proverbs

Chana alone can’t break

Meaning – It is necessary to be organized to do any heavy work, often the work is spoiled by the single person.

People with half knowledge speak more.

Meaning-Those who lack knowledge, show more knowledge.

Kana King in the blind

Meaning- In the crowd of foolish people, even a less knowledgeable person considers himself wise.

Eye blind name Nayan happiness

Meaning- To be the exact opposite of her name to her dolls.

blind wood

Meaning – The last and only resort

Even a dog is a lion in his street.

Meaning – To show someone’s strength in their field or home.

my jagannath hand

Meaning- Doing one’s own work without relying on anyone.

Now I’ll regret when the bird ate the field

Meaning- Regret after the good time has passed.

dig the well behind

Meaning – Trouble from both sides means there is no way to escape.

neither forward nor backward

Meaning – having no control over anything.

The mite also grinds with flour

Meaning- The good man also suffers a punishment for always being in the company of the wrong person.

The bulls are coming to kill me

Meaning – intentionally calling trouble.

More value for its money

Meaning- To benefit both sides.

suspended in the sky in a date palm

Meaning- As soon as you get out of one problem, you get caught up in another problem.

Maya of God, somewhere the sun is the shade

Meaning- There is no equality in anything in this world.

On the contrary, the thief scolds the cop

Meaning – Blaming the other person even if it is their own fault.

Blind man wants two eyes

Meaning- To get favorite thing without any effort.

All’s well That ends well

Meaning- After many troubles, good results will eventually come.

Where is Raja Bhoj where Gangu Teli

Meaning- There is a big difference in the position of two people.

Less for those who need more

Meaning- To get something less than is needed.

one and one is eleven

Meaning- The power of unity is the greatest power.

A cult does two things

Meaning- Two tasks are accomplished by trying once.

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