baroda bank raises interest rates on fd, good news for bank customers; Bank of Baroda raises interest rates on FD, know how much return you will get

New Delhi: Fixed deposit is a popular form of secure savings. Most people in the country prefer to save through this type of deposit. There is good news for people who have such savings.

Bank of Baroda gave a big gift to customers. The bank raised the interest rate of the FD. The interest rate for FDs below Rs 2 crore has been increased.

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According to the information provided by the bank on its official website, the interest rate for FDs of various tenors has been increased. Now, customers will get 3-5.50% interest. While senior citizens will get 3.50 to 6.50 interest. The new rates will be applied from July 28, that is to say from today.

According to the new interest rate announced by the bank, now 7 to 45 days FD will get 3% interest instead of 2.80. For DFs of 46 to 180 days, interest will be 4% instead of 3.70, and for DFs of 181 to 270 days, 4.65% instead of 4.30.

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Also, for 271 less than one year, customers will get 4.46% interest instead of 4.40%, for one year FD 5.30% instead of 5%. The bank announced an interest rate of 5.45 for DFs over one year and under two years and 5.50 for DFs between two and three years. The interest will be 5.35% instead of 5.35% for a period of 3 years to 10 years.

The rate hike by Bank of Baroda comes at a time when the repo rate could be announced by the RBI next week.

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