CM MK Stalin Proudly Says Tamilnadu Value Will Increase Through Chess Olympiad Event – CM MK Stalin Proudly Says Tamilnadu Value Will Increase Through Chess Olympiad Event

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the 44th Chess Olympiad, Chief Minister MK Stalin expressed his pride that the Chess Olympiad is further boosting the prestige of Tamil Nadu on the world stage.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the 44th Chess Olympiad, Chief Minister MK Stalin expressed his pride that the Chess Olympiad is further boosting the prestige of Tamil Nadu on the world stage.

The opening ceremony of the 44th Chess Olympiad was held at the Nehru Indoor Sports Stadium in Chennai on Thursday. Prime Minister Modi attended the ceremony and inaugurated the Chess Olympiad.

The 44th Chess Olympiad will be held in Mamallapuram, Chennai from August 29-10.

During the opening ceremony of the Chess Olympiad, Grandmaster Viswanathan Anand carried the torch of the Chess Olympiad to the stage and handed it over to Chief Minister Stalin. He gave it to PM Modi. Then Grand Master Pragnananda received the Chess Olympiad Torch and lit the Chess Olympiad Torch.

Prime Minister MK Stalin usually attends state functions wearing a white suit and white shirt. But, during the opening ceremony of the Chess Olympiad, MK Stalin took part in the event wearing a silk shirt and a silk waistcoat.

Addressing the Chess Olympiad function, Chief Minister MK Stalin said, “Today is a very proud day for India. This program continues at the level of international recognition of the Nehru Sports Stadium. I know the Prime Minister is passionate about chess. When Prime Minister Modi was Chief Minister of Gujarat, he held a huge contest with 20,000 participants.

For this function, I had planned to go to Delhi with the invitation and to invite the Prime Minister in person. Unable to visit in person due to Corona. While he was being treated in hospital, the Prime Minister inquired about his state of health by telephone. Then I explained my position. He then magnanimously said that you rest and that I will come to participate in the program.

Prime Minister Modi mentioned that this festival will make India proud. As a result, he participated in this program.

The 44th Chess Olympiad would be held in Russia. Due to corona and some other issues, the situation was untenable in Russia. I asked ministers and officials that if there is a possibility of holding it in India, we should have the possibility of holding it in Tamil Nadu, knowing that there have been discussions to hold it in no any other country.

After receiving information about this, I issued a formal notification on March 16. I have formed 18 sub-committees to run this tournament well. It is said that it takes 18 months to organize such an international sports competition. But in just four months, we succeeded.

It started as an event that draws attention to Tamil Nadu globally. The sports sector, the tourism sector and the industrial sector will develop thanks to the Chess Olympiad. The value of Tamilnadu and the value of the government of Tamilnadu will increase more and more. This promotion is not something that comes easily. The bottom line tells us the link with the legacy of war and the Tamils. The Tamil name for chess is Anaikkupu. Nalairaditvyaprabandham says Anaikkuppu is like a dancer. It was once called the sport of kings. Nowadays, chess is a game played by everyone

The Chess Olympiad is held for the first time in the Indian subcontinent and the third time in Asia. Chess was played in Asia and is practiced all over the world with minor variations.

Chatranga Pattinam in Chennai Pattinam used to be called Chatra S. It is our greatest honor to have the Chess Olympiad in Mamallapuram right next to such a chess celebrity.

A D Chess is a game that has been played in the Indian subcontinent since before the 6th century, and today it is widespread all over the world as chess. Chess is played in different countries of the world with some variations.

Although the opening ceremony takes place here, the Tamil Nadu government has arranged for the tournament to be held in its entirety at the picturesque Mamallapuram.

Mamallapuram Museum of Indian Architecture. Next door is the coastal area of ​​Chaturangapatnam. Just as the city of Chennai was called Madras, chess was called Chatras. This city has been famous since the time of the king. Today, the fort of the commune is under the control of the Department of Archeology. A world famous chess tournament is going to be held near such a chess site.

The fact that Manuel Aaron, who became world chess champion in 1961, hails from Tamil Nadu is the greatest honor we can have. It was Manuel Aaron who advanced the game of chess in India and inspired various talents.

Aaron was the founder of a chess club at the Soviet Cultural Center in Chennai in 1972. The Soviet Union, which produced world famous chess players, acted on Aaron’s advice. He is also the founder of the Tamil Nadu Chess Association.

I don’t need to tell you much about Viswanathan Anand who is famous as a World Grand Master.

Anand became world famous in 1988 at the age of 19. He remains the strongest player in the world chess game to this day.

Vijayalakshmi Subparaman was awarded the title of Female Grand Master in 2001.

Pragnananda became Grand Master in 2018 at a very young age.

26 of the 73 chess grandmasters in India hail from Tamil Nadu. It’s 36 percent. This game is not based on intelligence strategy. I am proud that Tamil Nadu excels in this sport. Chennai should be called the chess capital of India. The government of Tamil Nadu has allocated Rs 102 crores for the organization of the Chess Olympiad. Moreover, we are happy to spend on Indian sportsmen.

The Department of School Education has allocated a fund of one million rupees to sensitize students by organizing chess games.

The special promo song for this was written by my dear brother Mr. AR Raghuman composed the music.

Thus, the Chess Olympiad is not just a sports competition, not just a sports festival – it is held in a spirit of brotherhood as a world cultural festival in India.

I would like to thank the Honorable Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi for coming to inaugurate such an office and send him my greetings. I pray that you continue to bring such opportunities to Tamil Nadu.

A king

A queen

The two ministers

two horses,

two fortresses

Chess is presented as a black and white army of eight pawns.

I don’t need to explain much about the substance. Geelyadi tells us the history of the region where the Tamil people have lived for thousands of years.

Many objects were found at the bottom. There are two types of rams there. These are ivory pods. Researchers say these items may have been used to play games like chess. All of these are fired with clay and mostly black in color. Tokens used in children’s games are black and red.

There are elephants and horses at war.

There is a castle and there are soldiers.

There is a king and there is a queen.

The gist tells us that there is a connection between the tradition of warfare and the Tamils.

“Aaikkupu” is the name of chess in Tamil literature. The Nalaiyara Divya Prabandham says: “Like cowherds”.

Tamil Nadu has thousands of years of connection with the game of chess. It is a game of intelligence and strategy. One of these global knowledge games starts today.

The race for knowledge of the world begins in the soil of Valluvar, who said 7000 years ago that knowledge is the tool to save the end of time.

Once upon a time, it was said to be the game of kings. Today, it has become everyone’s sport. It is a game said to be a brain-based martial art.

It’s not a game of luck, it’s a game of knowledge!

I have no doubt that these tournaments will be of great help in popularizing the sport in Tamil Nadu, India and beyond.

Sport must be mixed with education for today’s student society. In particular, I would like to request that the role of chess in improving intelligence be included as well. I hope this Olympiad will be a great starting point for that,” said MK Stalin.

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