Meet this woman from Kerala who proudly sports a beautiful mustache! Brave decision of Kerala girl is Cornish Netdunia

The tumultuous net world of Gomfwali practices mustache. The mustache is a symbol of male nobility. Many of us are proud of our mustache. Of course, pride is also a question. But that said, no one could have imagined that a mustache could be a matter of choice for a woman. Shayza stepped into the limelight with a mustache.

He is a resident of Kannur district in Kerala. Somewhere he has garnered praise for that mustache and somewhere he has to face criticism. But Shayza, 35, is not ready to pay close attention to criticism. No matter what they say, a mustache is a source of pride for him. A symbol of beauty. Where in today’s modern fashion era, women are busy with facials and other types of facials.

Shaiza was a little annoyed by the answer to the question. Her clear answer: “If men can show fashion in saris, girls can also wear mustaches. Fashion is what you do these days. It’s fashionable. Five other people will choose this as a fashion just by looking at you”.

According to an Indian media report, Shaija is a woman. He is not part of the transgender community. He never thought that extra hair on his face was extra. He never even thought to take it off. On the contrary, he wanted to look completely different among everyone by keeping a mustache. According to the media, Shaiza has her eyebrows plucked but she loves to grow a mustache. In his words, “he can’t live without facial hair.”

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Shayza didn’t like wearing a mask at all as mask wearing was mandatory during the Covid pandemic. Although he had to face questions and trolls, no less. Shaiza’s friends and family praised her decision. Shayza’s daughter is her greatest strength.

A daughter loves a mother’s mustache. It doesn’t matter who said what. Shayza wants to live with his proud mustache in the future. Shaija, a resident of Kannur district in Kerala, told the media: “I never think that I am not beautiful! Because the mustache is my pride”.

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