MiG-21 fighter jet crashed: Indian Air Force fighter jet crashed, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh took note | An Indian Air Force MiG 21 fighter crashed near Barmer district in Rajasthan

A shocking incident has taken place in Badmer district in Rajasthan where an Indian Air Force fighter jet has crashed. According to the information received, there were two pilots in the crashed MiG-21 fighter jet. The incident happened Thursday, July 28 around 9 p.m. A search is underway for the two pilots who were on board the plane.

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According to the ANI news agency, an Indian Air Force MiG-21 fighter jet has crashed in Badmer district in Rajasthan. There were two pilots on this plane. The accident was so terrible that the plane caught fire on the spot after the crash. Parts of the plane are literally scattered after the crash. The Collector, Superintendent of Police and Air Force officers rushed to the scene as soon as the incident was reported.

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Defense Minister Rajnath Singh also took note of the case. He interacted with Air Force Chief VR Chaudhary and inquired about the cause of the crash and other matters. The fate of the two pilots who were on board the plane is still unknown and a search is underway for them.

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