Howrah Bridge: Ranchi youth climbed over Howrah, after much effort firefighters landed

Howrah Bridge: A person climbing the Howrah Bridge could be shot after a lot of effort. This person is said to be mentally deranged. This young man was brought back from the Howrah Bridge with the appearance of Khaini. The incident happened late Tuesday evening at 1:30 p.m. The youngster’s name is Mohammad Habib (22). He is said to be a resident of Ranchi, Jharkhand.

The deranged young man sat on the bridge with an empty body

The police officers from the Golabari police station, who arrived on the spot, kept him in custody. According to reports, traffic police, on duty near Howrah railway station, sighted a pillar of the Howrah bridge. The officers saw a young man sitting on the bridge with an empty body. The police immediately went there and first tried to shoot him himself, but they failed.

Firefighters lowered him using a ladder

The incident was reported to Golabari police station and fire department. Police and firefighters arrived at the scene. A ladder has been installed on the pillar. After an hour of effort, two firefighters joined the youngster and managed to get him down safely. The police took him to the police station. Police said in conversation he appeared to be mentally disturbed.

Can’t tell how to get from Ranchi to Howrah

The youth told the police that he lives in Ranchi, but he is unable to say where his house is in Ranchi. The police are trying to find the address of his house. According to the police, he is not even able to say how he got to Howrah from Ranchi. Upon receipt of his home address, his family members will be contacted. If the family address is not available, he will be kept at home and cared for there.

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