School nutrition program inspection now by Bharari team; Measures to prevent abuse under the scheme

Pune: Nutrition foods provided to students in schools in the state will be inspected by Bharari and vigilance teams. To this end, the Directorate of Primary Education has given instructions to establish Bharari teams and vigilance teams at the district level, taluka. At the level of each district, under the control of the chief executive, a Bharari team has been set up to carry out a surprise inspection of at least ten schools every month and action will be taken against the persons concerned if misconduct is found.

The director of the primary education directorate, Dinkar Patil, gave instructions in this regard. The government has approved the establishment of the Bharari team and the Vigilance team as it has been observed that complaints have been made regarding distribution of less food to students, distribution of poor quality food and misconduct professionals in the school nutrition program. Municipal Corporation, Municipality, Nagar Parishad, Cuttack Mandal and Schools, Central Kitchens in rural areas are to be inspected by Bharari team. Bharari, a vigilance team should be established at the taluka level as well as at the district level. Bharari’s team will consist of two officers and employees of Zilla Parishad. The Bharari team’s school inspection program must remain confidential. For a sudden inspection to reveal the facts. The inspection report must be submitted to the Director General and the Head of Primary Education within three days. Also, schools where there are errors in program implementation should be improved. However, it was mentioned that measures should be taken in case of malpractice in the implementation of the program.

What to check?

– Drinking water installation, hand washing installation

– Are the food details displayed on the front?

– Are rice and cereals used in proportion to the weight of the pupils?

– Is the health of cooks and helpers checked every six months?

– Are the students properly fed?

– Student reactions to the diet

– Student health check

– Rice, grain balance sheet and actual balance stock

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